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valium, nitrous, IV and wisdom teeth gone



Junior member
Apr 17, 2007
I had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday. My biggest concern was being afraid of the IV needle. I told the doctor about this and he prescribed 10 mg of valium, 1 hour before the procedure. Within minutes of taking the pill I felt warm, and relaxed (and very uncoordinated.) But by the time I got into the chair much of this good feeling was gone. The dentist put on the tournequit to start the IV of the sodium pentathol and I kind of freaked out.
He said "well if we're going to do this, I need to put in an IV." And he talked about doing the extraction with laughing gas and novicaine.
I said "what about starting the gas first and then insertng the IV."
He agreed. He started the nitrous and at first the effect was minimal. He bumped up the dose a few times I guess .Soon I felt not so much relaxed as sort of euphoric and floaty and a bit sleepy, kind of like the valium on steroids. It mostly reminded me a bit of a, shall we say, private peak experience. I think they named the wrong drug "estacy." Amazing stuff and highly recommended.
He instered the IV, and while it hurt, it didn't seem to matter. After what seemed like a rather long time, maybe 30 seconds, began to feel and even a rather suddent warm and intense rush that lasted for maybe three or four seconds, and then I was out.
If I had to do the IV alone I"m not sure I would have made it. The valium kept me from freaking out entirely. and the gas put me in a mental place where I was able to disassociate myself from the very traumatic idea of the needle. ONce the needle was in the experience was actually quite pleasant. Shame it didn't last any longer.
Today, I don't feel great, but not too bad. The Percocets seem to be doing their job.

thanks for the support
Hi Aaron,

great to hear you did it :jump:!!! Congratulations :respect:.

I'm impressed that you told him to do start the nitrous first and then do the IV :).

For anyone who is afraid of the IV needle, there are numbing creams available over-the-counter which produce a very profound numbing effect, so that you wouldn't feel the needle going in.

In the UK (and maybe in Canada, not sure), there's a cream called "Ametop".

In the US, Ametop is not yet available, but EMLA cream also does the trick. It needs to be applied quite a while beforehand though to reach maximum efficiency.

Best thing would be to consult with the dentist/oral surgeon beforehand and find out where to apply it.

Sorry this isn't much use to you at this stage, but it might come in handy for other people who are thinking of having IV sedation who read this post :).

Congratulations again - and many thanks for sharing your story :thumbsup:!
hi i still dont like the injections disispite ive hade 3 and i was wondering if vallium can be used for teens 14 yrs.