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valium/nitrous oxide



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Nov 24, 2006
I'm getting a regular molar removed by an oral surgeon this wk. Last time I had a tooth out by a dentist.
Will this be more comfortable for me? The tooth I'm having out this time is a molar that had been filled 3 times, all fell out...and was abcessed last summer. There isn't much actual tooth left either. 1 little piece sticks up out of my molar band (for my braces). I'll be getting 5 mg of Valium...and not sure if I will be able to get Nitrous Oxide, but i WANT it!!!!!
Will the oral surgeon give it to me after I take my Valium??!

Will I be SLEEPY with just the 5 mg of Valium????! Cuz last time I had 4 regular teeth out (not molars) and I was wide awake, and it was a horrible experience!!!

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Re: ~thursday~

you wont even care about the nitros once the 5mg of Valium kicks in i must say but everone reacts diffrent to it i guess
Re: ~thursday~

its nothing. been in the same boat u were in 4 years ago. They actuley say the less there is of the tooth, the easer it is to get it out, so, u got that going for you. Once that gas hits you, and ur on the valum, you wont even care if they take out every tooth in your mouth.

I say, eh, sucks u gota loose a tooth, but, no ones perfect. Im only missing one tooth, and its replacement, the wisdom tooth, grew in on the oppisit side, i wish i could transplant it, cause i got 3 molars on one side, one on another, lol

anyhow, its nothing. Just remember to bite down on the gaws pad for a few hours after, rinse with Warn salt water every few hours and in a week or so you'll be good as new!
Re: ~thursday~

Seems like the 5 mg of Valium isn't that much....?????

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Re: ~thursday~

Depends. 5mg is a hefty dose for some people. Topped up with some N2O and I'm sure you'll be fine.
Re: ~thursday~

I Really Hope that My Stupid Medicaid insurance won't stop me from getting the nitrous oxide!!!!!!!!!!!! :jump: