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Valium vs. Ativan



Well-known member
Aug 13, 2014
Are there differences in how the various benzodiazepine drugs affect people? I've taken Ativan before and not had any problems with it. It didn't make me feel loopy or strange, just more calm and relaxed.

The dentist that will be removing my wisdom teeth next week (left side only) has prescribed a Valium for me to take the day of my appointment and will probably do so again when I have the right wisdom teeth removed. Are there any differences between the two drugs in terms of side effects or how they make people feel? Is one more powerful/sedating/likely to cause side effects than the other?
I'm curious to as the differences, feeling the same way with Lorazepam. that it doens't make me feel weird just a very nice calm natural relaxed state..
The biggest difference is that Ativan is shorter acting than Valium.