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Valplast partial denture problem



Junior member
May 18, 2021
Hello, I had to have 9 teeth out last year, I cannot tolerate acrylic in my mouth so opted for hypoallergenic Valplast. I like it and it's quite comfortable after dentist adjusting it a lot. But it's quite a big partial, it's top and I only have 4 crowns and one real tooth left. The real tooth is right at the back and the denture has a ring around to hold it to this tooth, the problem is I have problems getting it out. I have got very anxious about this, if I do as the dentist says and 'click' it into place I really struggle to get it out, and it can really hurt pulling on that back tooth. I am now too scared to use it and feel I shouldn't be shouting 'OUCH' when taking it out. It is very secure when in, but I wondered if I had a 'clip' around it would it 1. be easier to take out, and 2. hold it in place securely. I haven't been able to eat properly for over a year through all the treatment, and now because I am too anxious and scared to wear it. I desperately want to wear my denture, but I just want to put it in and take it out easily without all the build of anxiety and being terrified. Just hoping for advice re the ring and a clasp before I go and see my dentist again. I cannot have acrylic or metal in my mouth due to allergies. Thank you so much if you can advise me.


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
The only way you'll get helpful answers with this is to discuss it with your dentist, sorry. It's probably quite a simple fix if that's any consolation :)