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Junior member
Nov 19, 2022
i had a traumatic experience with a dentist when i was really young. it seems silly but i didn’t know what a dentist was before one came to my classroom and i was forced to get checked up in front of the whole class while i was sobbing. i was adamant after that to not see one, would throw fits if my parents tried to take me, would even think about running away if they ever tried to force me. i’m heavily regretting my childhood now. i hit a bad block of depression in my teens and didn’t take care of myself at all. could barely get out of bed, my hygiene was at an all time low. years of neglect plus never having been to a dentist has left me with a mouth of problems. like a billion problems. its starting to get painful and worrisome, but i just cannot gather up any courage to see a dentist. i’m humiliated about the state of my teeth, i’m extremely scared about the pain of the treatments. sometimes i think my teeth will just be the death of me and i’ll have to accept it but i want to live and i want to smile confidently someday. i just have no courage. i also don’t have a family doctor so i can’t get any anxiety medication to help me out. i’m just stuck this way. i wouldn’t wish this on anyone.
Look for a dentist that mentions they work with patients with anxiety, fear or phobia to visit a dentist. It seems dentists are now better trained to acknowledge that not everyone enjoys a trip to the dentist and will try their best to treat you in a way you feel comfortable. A good dentist will mostly be interested in getting you to feel better and shouldn’t make you feel humiliated.

I see you are also in Ontario. For anxiety medication, did you try seeing a doctor online?