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Very bad dental anxiety



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Jan 1, 2018
Hello everyone, i am beyond terrified of going to the dentist, i need two extractions, i am up every night in real bad pain, every single time i talk about the dentist or go the dentist i will faint, throw up, go dizzy, every time, i really need to get my teeth fixed it is ruining my every day life, i have tried gas and i cannot even do that, when i was younger i was put asleep for work but i really didnt like the experience, i just really need help i dont know where else to turn
You poor thing :XXLhug:

I don't have any brilliant advice unfortunately, but I wanted to reply and say you're not alone. My teeth problems are ruining my life too, I think about them constantly and am so scared about eating. I understand what it feels like not knowing where to turn.

Hopefully someone will come along and be more helpful, but I wanted to give you big virtual hugs, this will be in the past one day soon, you'll be OK xxx
OK, do you have a dentist who you trust now? That's my first question. The key is, obviously finding the right person here, who will slowly bit by bit break up the experience for you into manageable 'chunks'. My second question is - what caused your fear to start with ?

You have a horrible problem here, with such a physical reaction to the thought of the dentist. This isn't just fear but an absolute debilitating phobia manifesting in physiological responses. I was in the most horrendous state before an extraction of a wisdom tooth a few years ago, but I tell you this when the pain got bad enough the dentist became less of an issue than getting rid of the pain. However, you can't get to that point at the moment, as it sounds like you needed help with the pain a long time ago. So, are you in the UK? Are you able to see your GP and request some cognitive behavioural therapy to deal with the issue.
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Hello John. A very happy New Year to you. I share your anxieties but will also concur with what someone else has written; at the end of the day its all about the person. If you can find the right practice and practitioner, this will make all the difference to your experience. Firstly, be honest! You will see the post I put up on here explaining the terrible ordeals I have faced particularly in my teenage years. There are a lot of wonderful caring humans out there who really do want to make a difference. The internet has made a huge difference for research; increasingly one can actually see what the practice and moreover the staff look like before even picking up the phone, or in my case, sending an honest email detailing your past and hopes. Any decent practice will reply readily and will probably phone and speak if you leave them a number in your message. I have been very touched at the kindness that has been shown by most of the practices I have contacted recently and have been able to visit the places before committing to any exams or treatment. The hallmarks to look out for are: a waiting area that is non clinical in presentation and no pictures of teeth hanging up; staff wearing tunics that are more spa/hair salon in appearance and practices that have a patient "coordinator" who will support you throughout your journey and may well come in with you and also be your nurse. If you tell us where you are from, I or others may well be able to recommend possible places.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on. Simon XX :)