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Junior member
Feb 8, 2017
Hi guys I m 24, I have problem with my teeth since I can remember. Last time I visited a dentist and had something done was when I was 13. It was very bad experience as I had a cavity and my tooth was painful dentist started to drill my tooth without any pain relief as my parents couldn't afford. After that I never went back. Now after having 2 kids most of my teeth are rotten it took me ages to just go to dentist as I m so ashamed of them. All my top teeth are till the gum line. So when finally I broke down to the point where I decided to see dentist I went in September 2016 I suffer from anxiety on daily basis plus the bad experience of dentist in the past. So on my first visit I basically broken down in tears but after dentists had a look she decided to do full upper teeth extraction and full denture on top plus partial denture on bottom as my bottom front teeth would need some work but she can save them. As I live in Ireland and I have medical card which allows me to get free denture if approved by National Healthcare services. So she applied on my behalf and they approved at the end of November. From that time my visits have been completely useless. She keep sending me back as my gums are red and swollen.. I m after 5 antibiotics yesterday she gave me 6th one.. I don't have any work done nothing. My denture is ready as they took impressions. My teeth were supposed to be extracted all in one visit and denture put in. But because of my red gums she doesn't want to do it. They are better but still red. In two weeks I m going for a wedding abroad and she said after this antibiotic it doesn't get better she will refer me to hospital but I will have to wait for a couple of months. So the plan she has is in the next visit polish the roots an put the denture in so I can have a lovely smile on the wedding.. Is it even possible to fit a denture without taking out the roots?? I m completely a nerve wreck and I don't know what to do.. Completely disappointed by my dentist
I can relate to your situation, had bad experiences as a kid and teenager, had shocking teeth but found a very good dentist who was able to treat me. I had teeth down to the gum and they are easy to remove so don't worry about that.

I understand why she doesn't want to remove them while your gums are red. You could try using Corsodyl mouth wash every day to help speed things up and reduce the redness of the gums.
I'm sure it would be ok to fit your denture over the remaining roots just so you can smile for the wedding, it would only be very temporary.

Do talk to her about it to alleviate most of your concerns.
Good luck.