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Very concerned over pain after filling



Jul 30, 2014
I mentioned on here about the 3 fillings I had done 2 weeks ago. All seemed to go well. However things have been changing for the worse. Firstly understandably I had sensitivity problems, I couldn't drink or eat hot and cold items on the left of my mouth where two of the fillings were done. This has remained. However yesterday things went very bad. I had some meat out of the fridge and the cold sent my tooth raging, but instead of dying down it stayed aching and the throbbing pain was the worst I have ever felt, this last for hours and hours. I took a pain pill but this didn't help, I couldn't sleep, I took another pill and this seemed to take the edge off it, but I could still feel the numb pressure and my jaw ached. Even room temperature water suddenly caused a lot of extra throbbing pain.

When I woke up the major throbbing had stopped, and I have been left with a mild ache and feeling in the same area, but thankfully no major pain. I know this doesn't sound good, and I know I should contact my dentist, but I just wondered if anyone else has been through the same thing ? Or can perhaps understand why eating some cold meat would cause incredible abscess style throbbing pain for 6+ hours ? I was in agony.

Thanks all !!

Spike 1969

Well-known member
Jun 16, 2014
Derbyshire UK
Hello Benson

Ive not experienced this before but that kind of extreme pain you are describing does not seem normal, I would give your dentist a call and get it checked out, it may be an infection or something simple to resolve with a visit.

Kind Regards