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Junior member
Apr 13, 2020
I have anxiety attacks each time i see dentist.
I went in 2 weeks ago having right lower molar pain. several teeth hurt told dentist i am not sure what tooth. He looks and tells me a large feeling i got last year dint hold and i needed root canal.
He drills out old feeling and does partial root canal. what ever that means and puts in temp feeling. I was told i will have to wait many weeks before I can get the full root canal. Because of the virus scare.
next few days right low teeth throbbing. hot and cold sensitive.
i call them. He calls me in antibiotic for 10 days. 5 days later throbbing still. I called begged for apmt I went in and he looks and tells me it might be right low jaw wisdom. Last Thursday he pulls out right low jaw wisdom. Today is Monday teeth still hurt. and pain seems to move to even front low teeth. Just little achy. But still have tooth ache on same area he did partial root canal a few weeks ago.
MY body was shaking so bad when he pulled out right lower wisdom tooth. Is it possible the partial root canal he did a few weeks ago still be causing all this pain still?
I am still on antibiotics,pain pills,.
the right low jaw pain teeth throb at times for a hour or two. i drink water and all teeth hurt. and throb for a hour
Bottom line i am still in pain. after root canal and wisdom tooth extraction last Thursday. I really don t feel my dentist is certain what is going on. Should I just suck it up and wait a week let gum heal were he took out wisdom and deal with pain? Is it possible exposed nerve on tooth he did part root canal? I am so tired and scared and frustrated with all this pain. I shook so bad with regular numbing shots I asked then for non Adrenalin shots.
Sorry to hear about all this, it's the last thing anyone needs right now. I'm afraid there's no easy answer to your question, it could be that the socket is still a bit sore or it could be the partial root canal is still not cleaned out enough.
Sounds like you need to go back and let the dentist take another look I'm afraid.