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Very important question. Decaying teeth/weird symptoms



Jan 27, 2013
Okay so to make a very long story short, I have a couple of decaying teeth that are both decayed past my gumline. I have an appointment to get them taken out on march 5th(very soonest I could be seen). Anyways, besides for some annoying pain that comes and goes, the tooth doesn't experience that much pain. I have had am extremely infected tooth before (twice) and the pain was absolutely unbearable, this tooth is nowhere close to hurting that bad. Anyways, on feb 1st my tonsils became swollen with blisters, had white spots on back of throat, light body aches and some ear aching too. I went to the doctor and they said probably a throat infection and gave me antibiotics which helped everything except for the swollen tonsils, blisters on tonsils and white spots on throat. I also have a hard knot/gland on the back of my neck right under of my hairline. It hurts sometimes but not bad and it hasn't grown or anything. The doctor also said I had some swollen glands in my throat. That was 17 days ago and all those symptoms are still here. My fear is that I have some typd of bad tooth infection that is causing all this. In a way I hope it is from the tooth because at least then I don't have to worry why is really wrong with me and why haven't I got better. Then when the teeth come out in two weeks everything will go away. I did go to he dentist on January 31 and they took X-rays. Would a super bad infection show up on the X-ray? I know it might sound silly but I am terrified of dying of an infection from these teeth. Is it okay to wait two weeks for them to be taken out or should I be concerned? Thanks
Someone please answer me..
You won't die of an infection from the teeth and it's likely to be the teeth that are causing the problems with your tonsils etc.

It should be fine to wait another couple of weeks to get rid of them.
Thank you for your answer. That is very comforting considering how worried I've been. The doctor said it "might" be a throat infection but I honestly believe it is caused by my teeth. There are too many things going on. My swollen tonsils, the knot in my nec, my swollen glands. Plus the tooth pain. Do you think if the infection was severe enough to kill me that it would have showed up on the X-ray?
People in the West who are not suffering from AIDS do not get infections from their teeth which would kill them. Full stop. We're too well nourished and have loads of resistance.
Thank you for your help Gordon. I'm just curious, are you a dentist? I only ask because I didn't know if yor quote below your response was a quote or meant you were a dentist. It's very comforting knowing a real dentist is providing some input.

also- very important question-
lets say all of my symtpoms are from an infected tooth. Since my tonsils have been swollen and I have a small knot on the back of my neck (for 20 days), do you think the infection could now move on to my brain? The tooth barely hurts but I am terrified that the nerves may be dead and that the infection is life-threatening. Do you think this could happen? I am terrified that I will die from a brain infection because of this infected tooth. Especially since i have had swollen glands for 20 days, im so scared the brain could be next. Please let me know.
Yes Gordon is a living, breathing honest to goodness real dentist, so you can trust every word he has said to you.

Good luck with your appointment :clover::clover::clover::clover::clover: Let us know how you get on.
Thanks Carole! I appreciate it. What about you, do you think these symptoms could be a warning sign for a rain infection or that this tooth could really cause one without even hurting severely?
I am not a dentist but I do know a lot of people myself included are convinced that we have a cold or flu or some other infection that might prevent us getting treatment. But as soon as we get into the dentist chair things go fine.

As Gordon is the expert I go by what he says, please do not worry yourself any more you will be okay.

I will tell you, I had an abscess for well over a year, my face was swollen, under my neck was swollen at times and I was in agony, so you will be perfectly fine to wait until your appointment.

Both your doctor and dentist have seen you and if they though it was something bad they would have acted by now.

It is hard not to be worried and get stressed out I know but try and relax a bit. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::friends: