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Very loose feeling tooth after removals and cleaning



Junior member
Nov 7, 2015
I posted at the end of last year, I had been to the dentist in November for the first time in years, was told I needed removals, a cleaning and fillings. Because of my phobia I got referred around a lot, I just had my first lot of work done on Tuesday.

I went under GA and had 7 teeth removed (4 wisdom teeth, 1 that was broken with only the root left, and 2 that had an abscess under them), luckily all of them were at the back and not visible. I had a cleaning done too whilst I was under GA, I am not sure if this was a scale or deep clean? I had a lot of tartar behind my front bottom teeth, and all the left side of my mouth up and down. I was terrified that the tartar was the only thing holding my teeth in place!

My bottom front teeth now seem normal and sturdy, though I haven't investigated my mouth too much as it's still all super swollen and healing. I had one tooth that sometimes felt like it clicked out of place when the tartar was on it, but more like the top half felt like it moved slightly, after the cleaning this tooth keeps moving all over and feels like a balloon on a string, with the string still attached to my jaw somehow! It is REALLY freaking me out!

I thought the main trouble was finally over with the removals and cleaning done, but now can't relax properly to heal because of this weird loose tooth. I read that some loosening is normal after a cleaning but surely not so much. My mouth is too swollen for me to open and look inside just yet, I called the dentist (who didn't do the surgery, I had to go to hospital for that, but the dentist who referred me there) and he said that there was plenty of gum left around all my teeth - not sure if he was going from an old x-ray or surgery notes though. After the surgery I wasn't given any info other than "it's done", and was too spaced out and bleeding to pay attention and ask anything.

I plan to go back to my dentist when my swelling has gone down and get the tooth checked, when I do salt water rinses I feel like the tooth is gonna be spat out with the water :( Can anyone reassure me or tell me what is happening? Really freaking out and crying about this stupid tooth
Hi rany,
I am sorry that your teeth are causing you such worries especially after you plucked up the courage to undergo such a lot of treatment.
It is impossible to tell you one way or the other what is really going on from your description alone.
It is slightly concerning to hear that your tooth feels so loose, howev,er, it is encouraging that your regular dentist says all your teeth appear to be well supported with "gum".
If I were you, I would ring the dental office and explain how much worry the situation is causing you, I am sure they will be kind enough to have a quick look and let you know one way or the other.
Sometimes, it is the uncertainty that causes the most anxiety and stress.
I hope it all works out well for you.

thank you! I will call the dentist tomorrow and see if I can go in for an x ray or something to check (mouth still too swollen to open), I will also ask them the following tomorrow but maybe someone else can answer in the meantime:

In the mornings I wake up with yellow, thick saliva in my mouth that tastes bad, almost like snot? I rinse my mouth out and the rest of the day it's fine, my saliva is still a bit thick but it's clear. Is this sign of an infection or is it normal or some bad sinus related thing? I have been on antibiotics since tuesday which were prescribed for a week, and have been rinsing my mouth regularly with mouthwash in the morning and before bed at night, and warm salt water 3 times a day in between that