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Very nervous about extraction...Is it relatively painless?



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Apr 18, 2017
I had a molar extraction years ago. I was nervous but fortunately had IV sedation so I do not remember any of the procedure... Also, I experienced very little pain when I woke up and got home.

This time, I likely have to go in for extraction of cracked molar #31. I am very nervous as IV sedation is not offered by insurance and I have to be awake. No laughing gas. Only local numbing.

My understanding is:

Modern numbing medicine removes all pain sensation from extraction procedure.
Will only feel a pressure sensation during procedure. Not a pulling sensation. Not a pain sensation.
Once you are set up with the numbing, extraction itself takes only ~5 minutes??
Most of the "pain" is actually from the numbing needle. Not the extraction itself.

Is that correct?

Also, If I do feel pain during procedure, how do I signal the Dentist? Do I need to discuss the signal with him before? The dentists at this office are not particularly friendly...

Also, I am not sure how the tooth is removed. Do they first loosen the tooth from the bottom, below the gum line. Or do they grab the top of the tooth first?

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Apr 23, 2015
United Kingdom
I dont remember much when I was a child about having teeth removed to make room for my adult teeth, I could never carry 32, more likely only 26 because of my small mouth.

I had a tooth removed in 2006 which was done unde local, had the stuff/local to remove the tooth and 30 seconds later it was out


Mar 1, 2007
I had 3 teeth extracted and it did not hurt. It just felt like pressure. The worst part was after the fact. You have to avoid chewing food in that area and sucking with a straw for at least 72 hrs to avoid dry socket. I had dry socket once and it was not too bad. OTC pain meds were enough


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Jun 24, 2012
Coincidentally, two of my friends had tooth extractions in the past couple of weeks, and I asked them how it went, and both said it didn't hurt at all.

The aftermath shouldn't hurt much either, barring complications like dry socket. You might be tender, and the extraction site may be sensitive, so you should take care with it for a few days. Painkillers like ibuprofen will keep any swelling down and should stay on top of the mild pain from an uncomplicated extraction. :)