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Very very afraid and depressed



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Jul 22, 2016
Got the prognosis I am to lose most or all of my teeth due to periodontal disease. Worst part I have been to the dentist and thought he was helping. Now other dentists have actually treated me bad. With disdain saying I must of known or asking if I smoked or assuming I've never been to the dentist. The problem is my insurance pays, barely, for a cheap Dentist that I'm afraid of. Another dentist wouldn't treat me. I haven't left my room or ate in three days. I can handle fear. I was facing the cleanings and everything. I just can't face my future.
Sorry to hear about your problem. This is a major problem here in the states where many insurances pay out such a small amount that the treatment gets very compromised and with all the wrong incentives.
Are there other dentists just out of your area that you could contact by email and explain your situation and ask if they could help by treating you using the insurance company that you have. I don't know exactly how the insurance system works there as I am in the UK sorry. I do know there are dentists that are willing to let you pay on a payment plan over some months.

Also is there a dental school near to you or that you could travel to that might be taking on patients. I understand that they do sometimes. Again you could try out of your area if you are able to travel.

I am sorry you find yourself in this position it is a horrible place and I understand how you are feeling. It is not hopeless there will be a way around this, it is just a matter of time until you find the answer.

I am hoping some of the people on here that understand how things work there will be along with some suggestions for you soon.

All the best to you try not to get too down :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly:
Hi and welcome to the forum.:welcome:

I'm sorry to hear about your predicament and that you are going through such a tough time.

I just wanted to chime in to add to Carole's suggestion re: getting treatment through a dental school at a nearby university. Depending upon where you are that's a very viable, and affordable option. Another possibility is to look into free dental clinics that many states run various times of the year. I know of one going on in Virginia this very week-end as my dentist and his staff volunteer their efforts every year. They offer dental care to those who otherwise may struggle to afford it. Even if it means a little bit of a drive, if you are able to get the treatment you need it would be well worth it.

Lastly, there is a loan line called CareCredit that offers low interest rates. That may be a little tougher as it will mean monthly payments for some time but it may help get your through some of the work you need.

I wish I had other solutions but those are the only ones I was able to come up with. Just know that you aren't alone. I'm hopeful that one of the suggestions may help you out or that you are able to research and find a dentist or local agency that can help you. :)

Best wishes and take care,
Maybe you should try checking with other dentists. I've seen many dental phobs here have very positive outcomes from being able to hunt down the right dentist for them.
Try to go online to your insurance company and search through their dentist database. I live in a crowded area and was able to find 20+ dentists that take my insurance.

If it helps at all, a year and half ago, I was facing a 3 page long treatment plan with the concern that I either do the work or I'm going to lose my teeth to gum disease. Right now, I just have 2 more teeth to have work done and my regular 3 month cleanings to stick to and it feels amazing! I've been through fillings, root canals, gum flap surgery, and extractions to get my mouth into better shape - I'm so very proud of myself and I hope that you will take the route to healing your mouth too :)
I'm so sorry for your emotional pain, physical pain, and stress. If you in the USA look into Care Credit or google free dental care they list them by state. I know that it is hard, I'm going through the same thing and was terrified by dentists to the point where I would shake and sweat when anyone even mentioned teeth or dental issues. I faced my fears a few weeks ago and have found a lot of support on this forum. For me it was kind of a triumph to face one of my biggest fears. You are not alone and I wish you the best, please feel free to contact me if you need some support.