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Very, very rapid visible plaque buildup and losing my mind

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Sep 10, 2020
Planet Earth
Hopefully someone will be able to help me... I’ve made a pact not to Google anything but this is making me so nervous it’s very hard to follow through it.
Anyhow, I seemingly can’t stop the extremely rapid plaque buildup on my teeth even though I brush and floss the recommended amount, and this is an issue that just started. When I chew and swish those little plaque candies right after my mouth is perfectly clear of colour.... but a few minutes later I can feel my teeth getting dirty and about an hour or two later I can see visible plaque on my teeth... if I scrape my nail across the surface of any tooth(I know it’s a horrible habit but it feels so filthy) i can see the white junk and literally feel the difference with my tongue... and a few minutes later it’s back again!!
strangely enough I’ve got no irritation or bleeding from the plaque/whatever it is but it feels so horrible and I’ve an appointment in just a few days now :o Why now and why me, and most importantly how? i can’t walk into the surgery looking like I haven’t touched a toothbrush in years!
Hi there,

first of all, to calm you down: a dentist can see whether you haven't touched a toothbrush in years or not - fresh plaque looks differently than what happens if you don't brush regularly and if your gums are healthy, it shows that your home care is good. I am not a dentist and no idea what had happened, but my first thought was whether you changed the way of eating in any way? You can read more about plaque and what affects it here.
Again, your dentist won't judge it and this may be a good thing to discuss as you are going in anyway. If you feel too intimidated by asking your dentist, maybe your nurse could help?
Thanks @Enarete.... I haven’t changed how or what I eat in any way :( i should discuss it with the dentist, but having this problem has made me so nervous to talk about it with anyone to be honest
Does your practice have a dental hygienist or therapist? This is absolutely core stuff for them, so they'd enjoy discussing it with you.