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Very worried about gums and tooth recession :(



Junior member
Jun 15, 2014
Hi everyone, I'm new here and in real need of reassurance and information!!

As a teenager, I took terrible care of my teeth. It was part of a lot of mental health issues going on and just general self-neglect, but I've cleaned up my act now and do my best to take care of my oral hygiene. Some of the damage is done, though. And I'm terrified of the dentist, always have been. Having screwed up my teeth makes the experience even worse!

A few years ago, a dentist told me the gums of my lower front teeth were receding and might eventually need to be grafted. I've tried to pay better attention to them, but it seems it hasn't worked. The last time I saw a dentist was close to two years ago. I've moved a few times and changed insurance, and I've been super stressed about the recession issue but was just too afraid to deal with it all. Then this week, my back tooth abruptly started hurting during a meal. Since then, the pain has been moving around my mouth and to my jaw. I flossed and the next day my gum was swollen, but the following day, it was back to normal. I don't see any sort of redness, swelling, etc. so I'm trying not to stress too much. But in trying to figure out the problem, I noticed just how bad the recession has gotten. I tried to wiggle those teeth today and they moved. Not loose loose, but definitely not like they should be. I'm so freaking scared now :( I'm afraid to go to the dentist and afraid of how I'll be judged for the poor condition of my teeth. And I'm really REALLY scared that I'm going to lose the teeth. Does anyone know if it's possible with the grafting to correct this even if they're a bit loose?

I'm really kicking myself for not taking better care of my teeth and can't stop obsessing right now. I finally made an appointment to see a dentist but they couldn't do an emergency visit, so I'm telling myself first thing Monday morning, I have to make calls and see if anyone can see me sooner, but I'd love to know if this sounds fixable so I can prepare myself!


May 20, 2014
Hi, it's easy to say, but try not to worry. I think if I had problems with receeding gums and wobbly teeth, I would make an appointment with a periodontist. I've know a couple of people who have done so and problem completely solved :)


Junior member
Apr 6, 2014
I just had a tissue graft done on Wednesday. I too was scared about wobbly teeth and the recession so I decided to get the graft done. The procedure itself was NOTHING and there was no pain afterwards either. My main complaint was the roof of my mouth feeling off and you have to eat soft food for awhile but it's better than losing a tooth.

It's really the only way you are going to get the problem solved. You will feel much better after you do it.