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Very worried about my girlfriend!



Junior member
Aug 16, 2015
I am very very new to this site but I joined in the summer when I had to have a couple fillings done. I hadnt been to the dentist in 5 years because of a bad experience but I got off lucky and had no mayjor issues. It helped me a lot reading all of the experiences on here.
My girlfriend has severe dental anxiety and I just recently have been able to get her to my dentist. She had a crazy dentist as a child and her mum wouldnt find her someone who would not terrify her..... so going to the dentist is hard for her to say the least. She is 20 and I dont want her to loose her teeth, she is really still just a kid.
I am very worried as it is very hard for her to eat and she seems to have constant tooth pain.
The news I got from my dentist is that she has many cavities and possibly some root canals. We got reffered to someone who does general sedation but it is very costly...I got a quote for 12,000$ of work for her. My dentist quoted me 4200$ but did not include any root canals.
I am not really sure what to do as either place requires more than half of my yearly income. There are no dental school in my area and no where that does free work. She has no credit and I have a car loan so I cannot get another loan from my bank. Her mother will not help and told my girlfriend she should just have all her teeth removed because she ruined them anyway, this was not helpful advice.....
Today she had a piece break off one of her teeth. I am waiting for my dentist to get back to me about perscribing Ativan before fillings. I am very much at a loss about what to do and about paying for all of this dental work to happen.....also getting my girlfriend through the appointments since sedation and nitrous are not an option.


Super Moderator
Jan 5, 2012
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

You could ask the dentist to do the most urgent work first then spread it out, giving you chance to save inbetween appointments for the next lot of treatment.

Have you shown her this site, she is welcome to come on using your account. If you can get her there I am sure the dentist will take things slowly as they sound very understanding. The dentist may allow you to pay so much weekly or monthly as you go along as well.

I haven't taken Ativan but other posters on here have used it and thing it is wonderful. They say they are aware of the treatment but they don't care and feel calm.

I wish you both good luck and I am sure with the support you are providing and the dentist she will be able to get out of pain. Once she has been she will feel so much better, and the more she can manage to go her confidence will build up as well as her trust in the dentist.

All the best to you both :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::butterfly:


Junior member
Oct 7, 2015
Ativan is good for rootcanal and fillings since I done it and your wake but your mind in another level. Can ya try goto university and ask about dental school and if ya in canada ask for msp pay for it in hospital. I had sinus graft and no charge for me due I'm in canada and msp pay for it if I did it in hospital so you good bf and ask your govt help ya