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very worried - gums...



Junior member
Aug 5, 2013

Please help. I have been told on a previous visit to the hygienist that I have some gum disease and need to pay attention to brushing my gums. I have done and I’ve flossed (although not everyday) and I now have an apt this Friday for another cleaning. However, for the past two weeks, I have felt like my teeth are actually moving when I brush them. I have been using corsydl toothpaste and mouthwash as want to get rid of my inflamed gums but since then I can honestly feel them moving. I am wondering if I am removing some plaque as it’s quite an intense toothpaste and mouthwash and my mouth is now feeling different ( I am a worrier by the way and over think!) however, I am so worried that when I get my teeth cleaned on Friday, that the removal of the plaque will make my teeth loose….

I do have inflamed gums (not awful and not as bad as they have been but red), my gums do bleed when I brush (around two teeth), my gums have receded slightly, I do have some plaque on the backs of my bottom row and I can def feel them “click” when cleaning with corsdyl.

I am hoping I imagining a lot of the movement but I am petrified and worried I will go on Friday and be told my teeth will have to be extracted or that they’re incredibly loose…


Aug 2, 2013
.. Hi, I so totally understand your fear :redface:. I'm feeling the same way- since I have not been to the dentist in years due to many reason: including yes fear like there is no tomorrow: I went last week with a broken toothache and infection: dentist I found is private and did not really touch me much as she didnt want to hurt me: so she gave me anti biotic- until the pay is not there and she can perfome a more extensive exam. but she said I def need to get taken care of I can be loosing my teeth although she is not sure how bad it is, but she is sure I have periodontitis..see what she says; ask her questions; write them down; cause I tend to forget things that I have going in my head and then dont ask when I get to the doc office. I'm terrify for what my dentist wil tell me Thursday. I actually pushed my appointment from next week to this week.. :redface::confused::( Let me know how it goes.. Good luck

I totally understand you:shame: