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Visiting a dentist after 7 year long break.



Junior member
Mar 27, 2018
Moscow, Russia
I have rather strong anxiety about dental appointments due to:
1) Childhood experience of dental treatment in 1980s-1990s including about 6 fillings and 1 root canal without anaestesia at all (and it was a common practice in my country: "numbling" was mainly used for tooth extraction). Also my granny told me fearful stories about her experience in the middle of XX century with slow pedal drills, restraining during treatment etc.
2) Phobia of injections. In 2000s anaestesia became really widespread and treatment became painless. However I was afraid of injection and even almost fainted several times.

So in 2011 I stopped to go to dentists. However two month ago one filling was damaged, there was also some darker colour under old fillings and I decided to go to an appointment. This time I used phenibut as anoxylitic and vent to a private clinic. At the first appointment a doctor found about 12 teeth that require repairing including 3 ones with bad infected root canal filling. I knew that the first visit doesn't include a treatment but was very anxious. And the dentist suggested to use IV sedation seeing my emotional state and the information about anxiety and Asperger's syndrome in the questionnare. However I decided to begin treatment without it (because it essentially doubles the price). And after professional teeth cleaning (first in my life) and two or three visits to endodontist I understood that it is not AS fearful as I thought. Even numbling injections are now painless due to a good manual skills of the doctor.

I've also tried to go to another private clinic but in that place the doctors were afraid of my anxiety and quietly said to my girlfrield (I went with her in that place) that I require more strong meds and "inadequate" :)

Now I have two major issues for anxiety:
1) Dental implant. During the root canal retreatment they found cracks in the root treated with resorcinol-formaldehyde paste about 20 years ago (this mixture makes teeth pink and fragile). I decided that it is too fearful and plan to do it under IV sedation.
2) First experience with crowns and posts. At least three crowns are needed.

But I plan to finish the all treatment plan.