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Visiting dentist today but would like an idea of what's going on to eliminate shock value



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Feb 1, 2017
Visiting dentist today but would like an idea of what's going on to eliminate shock value

Hi all, my name is jennifer, I'm 29 years old and have terrible dental phobia. I avoided appointments most of my teen years, and then two years ago found a dentist who did dental sedation. She did a cleaning and filled four filings for me. It was hard for me to go but I remember nothing and it worked well. I still had two cavities at that time that I couldn't afford to fill but she said they were small ones.

Fast foewars two two years later I haven't gotten a cleaning (too terrified to go) and for the last four weeks I have this feeling in my back left teeth. (My wisdom teeth have been removed) but I have this tightness, sore feeling that almost feels like something is stuck between my last two teeth. I've floased and nothing. It's been going on for weeks, is off and on sore, and both of these teeth have fillings. One is old, one is from two years ago. The old one looks intact to me.

I try to take good care of my teeth because I hate going to the dentist so much so I brush twice a day and floss, but my teeth are just genetically crappy. They aren't in bad shape from what I can tell, but I'm going to the Dentist tonight for an x-ray and an exam without the cleaning. I am TERRIFIED. One of my biggest fears is them telling me what's wrong. I worry that dentists over treat and I've never needed anything other than a filling, but since these teeth are already filled I don't understand what's going on. Can anyone maybe let me know if they know what this might be so I'm not shocked when I go there?​
Re: Visiting dentist today but would like an idea of what's going on to eliminate shock value

I cannot say whats going on, because i'm not a dentist, but also because there is no way someone can tell you without seeing the actual site.

But, i can tell you something about being worried in respect to your dentist over treating.
You are the patient and only you can say what do you want or not want to do.
If you feel like your dentist is trying to force some treatment that you don't need, you can always have a second opinion. Even if you can afford a complete treatment in another place, maybe you can consult one and go back to your dentist with some inner view of the problem and then you can discuss with him/her about the procedures you consider right to do.

It's your right, and you should always be empowered by them.