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waering "flipper" should I get full upper denture?



Junior member
Oct 28, 2009
Hi everybody,
found this site and did a lot of reading.I am impressed as how much help to thousands of questions and concerns I can find.I have a lifelong history (I'm 34 Yrs old) of bad dentist encounters and constant pain.My teeth are not very healthy, due to waiting to long to see a dentist.I have somewhat overcome my fears and try to go now before aches get too bad.I have had plenty of root canals done to almost all of my upper teeth, and had screws placed in them but they where not crowned.So they are crumbling away and I only have 9 teeth on the upper gum left.About 2 Years ago I have received my flipper to replace missing teeth and also added new ones over the past.I had a crown in the right back, but only "held" 8 Yrs, than got infected.I also was experiencing an infection with a different tooth, the one beside my right K9,wich I had work done in a time frame of 3 Yrs constantly going to a dentist and hearing the one before did poor work, but getting me nowhere.So I decided to also have that one extracted.Too much pain, I do have panic attacks and going to the dentist stresses me each time more and more.I panic, and just cant deal with it very good.(fast heartbeat,sweating,breathing problems, dizziness,feeling like I am going to faint and so much fear that I shiver)
So in August I had all Fillings done and was told I need 4 Crowns.Now another tooth is aching and causing pain and I would have to have another crown, witch I simply can not afford.So getting a full upper denture was suggested since cost is a matter.When I had my fillings done, they also cleaned my teeth(what I had never had done before), and I have gotten herpes on top of everything.I do have herpes out brakes since I am little but just on my upper thigh and back.Now it is on my upper gums, arround the teeth and it brakes out quite often and causes the flipper to not sit well, what in effect causes pain.My question is should I risk a full denture?
Since I have a flipper will the transition from flipper to full denture be a lot of difference?I am so afraid of having no teeth in my mouth,will it be more comfortable having a full denture, than constant shifting with my flipper?
I started beginning to clench my teeth in my sleep, wich of course causes a lot of pain.Shooting from ears to jaw and down in the throat.I got myself a mouth guard witch I use at night, when I take my flipper out.I have noticed that I do clench during the day also.I am so sorry for writing on and on and having so many questions, I just don't know what to do anymore with all these aches and pains.I am hoping someone has experience with doing final step from flipper to denture, all help and tips are highly appreciated!
Anybody Out There?

I am really on the verge of a nervous brake down and could use some help and tips.Maybe I have not asked my questions in the right way? I know I myself will have to make decision on either jumping over my fears and getting a full denture or stay with a flipper(partial )and wait for the next pain to push me into my next steps.But here is really a huge question I am overwhelmed by and cannot find an answer:
If I have panic attacks, will it be safe to use laughing gas as sedation?
Or will I completly freak out and have more and severe symptoms?
I have allergies to lots of pain medications, like aspirin and so on, I am worried to death that if I do get the gut to have my teeth removed at once,
will I have to worry about sedation and I have no clue as what it feels like.
Does anyone have the same problem or any suggestions?
Thank you for reading and maybe responding?lol:cry:
Hi Hurtb4
Hopefully a dentist will be along shortly.
However I don't think you need worry about nitrous oxide being unsuitable if you have panic attacks, I think it would probably help a lot. There's more info here:

I can't really comment on your other points but from reading, understand top dentures are easier to adapt to than bottom ones. Lots of recent posters have experience of partials and dentures so maybe they will reply soon. You can also post in the Support section if you prefer.
I get the impression it is best to retain your natural teeth if at all possible but most people do seem to adapt eventually.
Sorry to hear about your bad experiences - you are certainly not alone with that.
Simply Thank You Brit-
appreciate your response and will go check the link lol

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