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Waiting for appointment



Jun 21, 2010
Hi. Iv got an appointment at the end of october for a check up. Its taken me months to get that appointment. How to i start getting my confidence back ready for this when there is such a wait between appointments. Everything iv read says go regular to build confidence up. This justs adds to the panic. Advise would be great. Thank you
Hey, I completely get it.. props that you made the appointment, thats really good! you can be proud of yourself for making that step. I personally had to go a lot to the dentist over the past years.. and it numbed my anxiety, but if there is a lot of time in between appointments that is just annoying. Have you heard about a technique called tapping? it calms the nervous system. that helped me from time to time.. also can look at what you eat, maybe a bit of a unfamiliar tip but things like sushi, some raw salmon or carpaccio really calms my anxiety down i noticed. I tried quite a lot with diets to heal my anxiety and this worked wonders. hope that helps
Wow...thats fantastic thank you so much for the advise. I looked at tapping and im going give it a go. 🙄🙄
This may or may not help you, depending, but in the meantime you could go to the dentist office and sit in the waiting room a few times, just as a sort of rehearsal. Maybe consider reading a book on anxieties or specifically medical anxieties. I'm doing so currently and I'm just fishing out a handful of points that I am trying to get into my thinking to help me with my appointment next week. I'm trying to use the situation as a means of growing as person and becoming more capable of handling medical situations.
That is a brilliant idea. Thank you so much.

I don’t know the practice you chose to go to, but in many practices it takes weeks to get a check up appointment and then the appointments for treatment are much more frequent, once the practice has a clear treatment plan and how much time is needed for each appointment.
If for rains reason it takes too long also between actual treatments, I suggest to ask someone to video you (not necessarily the entire treatment, just short segments) to remind you how well the treatment went.
The suggestion oneby gave you about sitting in the treatment room is also very good.