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Waiting for GA extraction via NHS



Nov 8, 2022
England UK
Evening, I’ve been referred to oral surgery for my upper molar extraction as X-rays show it’s possibly in sinus cavity, been fine waiting (possibly up to 9 months!) starting to get pain in that tooth, when biting down, and touching the tooth is quite sensitive. I’m hoping that this pain is just aggravated nerves and will go away, is this likely? I’m worried about an infection or abycss or it just falling out on its own, I’ve got quite severe gum disease around that tooth. It’s been fine for ages, is there a way to fast track the extraction under GA if it gets worse?
If you can manage to attend at short notice (the day before usually) then you can phone the OS department and ask to be put on the cancellation list. Basically if somebody cancels at short notice they like to have a few people who can come in without much warning.
Otherwise if the tooth flares up then go back to your dentist for some antibiotics or whatever.