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Waiting For Root Canal



Junior member
Nov 30, 2013
About 2 months ago my niece hit me with one of her hard toys and a piece of my tooth chipped off
I went to the dentist and she took an xray of it and filled it.
She said that it didn't hit the nerve but she was going to send my insurance a request for a root canal anyways.
The dental insurance experts looked at the xray and approved of it also their's red above the tooth
so I guess the root canal is needed?
It's taking my insurance forever to send the approval over to the dental office and I'm getting really worried because above the tooth it's red :*( & 2 weeks ago it was irriated but now it's just red.
Is their anything I can do awhile I'm waiting to have the root canal done??
Also could the dentist just fill the tooth after doing the root canal instead of crowning it?
Or should it be crowned?
If it should be crowned after the root canal than why?
It's a noticeable tooth so it's important to have.
How do they make crowns to match your tooth right by it?

Please Reply Soon
Thanks xx
The tooth might just be really annoyed about having been hit and may settle down eventually. The nerve can be really picky when it comes to trauma. I don't think dentists like to have have a RTC ( root canal ) filled because the process weakens the tooth so it is more prone to further damage ( a crown will give it strength )

The dentist will take an impression of your mouth so the physical shape of the tooth can be matched and will color code your teeth in order to get a natural looking match.