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Junior member
Jun 10, 2010
I have had problems going to the dentist all my life and I am now 54!
I have found an amazing dentist who understands me. The problem I have is coping with the time between booking an appointment and going.
The thoughts start to eat away at me and I can't think of anything else. It becomes so intense that I cancel the appointment to take the feeling away! I've done this twice this year and although it immediately takes that awful feeling away, it doesn't solve anything!
I have made another appointment for the end of April and I really want to keep it. I don't want to lose the dentist I have but the way I am going that could happen!
Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks
@polly200 I hear you! I think for me, the wait is almost the worst part, so I know. If you go here on the website https://www.dentalfearcentral.org/g...-phobia/#dental-anxiety-before-an-appointment and scroll down to "part 5" they have tips on how to deal with the anxiety and run up to the appointment. Somethings that helped me were doing yoga every day, doing box breathing every day, and when feeling too anxious, using the 54321 coping technique to calm down, quitting caffiene, going for a walk or excercising every day, and taking supplements that were meant to reduce anxiety. It also helps me to post on this board when I want support, too! Hope this is useful and best of luck to you!
Hi @polly200, end of April is a long time away (and a long time to feel anticipatory anxiety for), I'm not surprised you feel like cancelling. How long before the appointment do you usually get the urge to cancel? Is it something that hits you a few days beforehand, or do you tend to cancel well in advance?

It sounds as if, in the past, you've managed to visit your dentist on occasion. What was different about those times that enabled you to follow through with visiting? Maybe you could try and replicate what worked for you in the past.

Your dentist sounds like a lovely person, well done for finding them :) - and well done for scheduling another appointment - hopefully it will be a case of "third time lucky"!
Dear @polly200,

Please allow me to share a video I made about worrying thoughts regarding dental health. It is not exactly what you are describing but I think it can help.
Dental worrying
Hope it helps,
Thank you very much. That is helpful! 😊