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Waking up from Sedation: please share your experiences

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Dec 30, 2021
Hi all! I am preparing to have my wisdom teeth removed under IV sedation (all 4 impacted) soon, and I'd like to hear your experiences waking up from IV sedation? I've never had any form of sedation and I am quite nervous.
Could you please share how you felt and how long it took you to feel normal again?

I'm someone who metabolizes anaesthetic really quickly, so am alert and completely normal within seconds of the drugs being stopped. If it weren't illegal, I would be able to drive myself home safely, right away. I have had IV sedation about 10 times, and have had the same experience each time. It is unlikely that you will be like me, but am writing to present one very extreme end of the possibilities.
Hi! I’ve had IV sedation for the first time a few months ago. I was very scared, but it turned out to be a positive experience. I woke up feeling pretty normal. I remained seated in the dentist chair for like 10 minutes, but totally conscious and talking normally. When I stood up, I could walk, but somebody helped me walk down the stairs - they said I could feel dizzy, but I didn’t. I remember feeling like I was tired, maybe a bit slow, but definitely conscious.