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Warning to all: NEVER USE this mouthwash



Junior member
Mar 14, 2018
In my experience, Peridex is the devil. Idk why anyone would prescribe this medication/mouthwash. It caused altered sense of taste. I only used it for three days, it’s been a week and I’m still recovering. Slowly gaining normal sense of taste back. I’ve been so anxious lately because of this horror that’s happened to me. I’m lucky I can taste because some people have LOST ALL TASTE. I’m so scared and worried because I don’t want to take this to the next level if for some reason I can’t get all flavor back. If I go to a ENT and tell them I can taste everything but can’t experience my food the same way, I don’t know if I’d be kicked out of the office or laughed at.
I can taste all basic flavors, but for some reason I cant taste certain foods in all of its entirety yet. Which is scary to me? I don’t know how to explain this phenomenon. It’s like Peridex wiped out a part of my brain that distinguishes what flavor is which. My fries from Chick-fil-A just tasted salty, but usually I taste more than salty. My sweet tea from chick fil a today tasted a little ... well dull. And I know they put a crap ton of sugar in there.
This afternoon I bought dark chocolate and milk chocolate and I can taste the difference between those now. Am I going insane? Am I getting better? I don’t know for certain yet. A dentist told me it took his wife a full month to regain all taste back from using Peridex... Idk how people live with no taste because I’m struggling to comprehend what Peridex did to my tastebuds. I only hope the intensity of chick fil a food comes back..
I don’t know how the heck to describe my situation. I can taste sweet salty bitter and all basic five senses. But for some reason when I eat certain foods the flavors don’t come out like they used to. I’m slowly getting those flavors back. My crown lengthening procedure makes me eat on one side so maybe that’s why I can’t taste the full experience.
If anyone has had a side affect like this from this medication and has recovered pls share your story. I don’t really know what’s going on. I can smell mostly everything too. Maybe it’s the pollen since it’s high here now and it’s making my throat and nose stuffed? I don’t know what to make of this. I’m grateful I didn’t lose my tastes, the basics. But I’m still confused. Peridex , WHAT DID you do to me?!
ALSO never use Zicam or any nasal spray for that matter, apparently some can rid your sense of smell and of course your taste. Permanently that is
Just a warning to all. Please heed my advice because we all have one life to live let’s live it well and tastefully :)
Long term taste alteration with peridex is rare. It mainly affects the salt taste aspect. It's value is rather limited so I don't recommend it much. Another drug lamisil can destroy taste buds for a few months it seems. My wife had this problem.
The salt taste aspect? In what sense? I am noticing some salty food tastes a little off. I do realize though that as each day passes one more of my food is getting better to taste.
I am not taking any other meds besides birth control and I’ve been taking that since nov 17.
I feel like maybe this problem will fix itself
My dentist tells me never use mouthwash, as I have a special toothpaste, this canceleld things out.
My dentist tells me never use mouthwash, as I have a special toothpaste, this canceleld things out.

Yeah I don't usually use mouthwash. But ever since my molar needed crown lengthening starting in January my dentist told me to start using a toothpaste with fluoride because I told her I was using a SLS free toothpaste (because I used to get cankers with SLS in it). I switched to Crest sensitive pro health and nothing bad happened. My taste alteration started after using Peridex after my surgery on March 14. It was the crown lengthening procedure. I regret using Peridex but I know I'm getting better. Some salty things still taste a little off. But I hope everything goes back to normal soon.
Maybe the combination of the toothpaste and Peridex really threw my mouth off. But I've since stopped using Crest too because they have horrible reviews as well. I went back to natural toothpaste. I dont care honestly as long as I dont get cankers and I can taste my food, I don't care if I get cavities here and there.
Just really pissed off about this Peridex..:mad::mad:
I was just prescribed this rinse and I was informed to take it four times a day. I did it for 24 hours and I can't do it anymore. My mouth burns, taste is a bit weird, but mostly its the inflamed throat and weird metallic taste that is in my mouth. After reading all the negative reviews, I am worried that this could be a permanent thing. And it scares me. It seemed to get worse each time I used it so I said no more. And even though it said not to swallow, some of it will still be in your spit and I would get a stomach ache after using as well.

This stuff is nasty and I never should have used it, but now I am worried. So I am wondering, did your side effects ever go away? Are you able to finally able to taste things? Did you ever have a bitter metallic taste in your mouth and did it go away as well?
Warm water mixed with a pinch of salt is the best thing to rinse your mouth with. I do it one to two times per day and have been happy with the results.