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Was nervous about pain but now nervous about the state of my teeth!



Junior member
Oct 11, 2019
I really need to do something about my teeth - I daren't smile because of the state of my teeth, especially my top teeth - theres 3 teeth showing the rest have smashed off or crowns broken off - my mouth is full of broken teeth but they arent causing a problem no pain and no sharp edges as I filed any sharp edges down with rifflers. I work full time but couldn't afford thousands to have implants etc. My embarrassment at the state of my teeth is now the main thing stopping me seeking help - I was never really nervous of the pain, more of the uncomfortable position laid with feet above head and sucker pulling my jaw open and making it ache (I've had root canal treatment a few times in the past). Is there any affordable treatment to restore my smile - I can afford hundreds but not thousands and is there a sympathetic dentist in the West Yorkshire (Huddersfield) area that won't lecture me on the state of my teeth (I know I know - no dentist ever hurt anyone as bad as the pain from a septic tooth - been there more than once in the past!)


Well-known member
Mar 26, 2010
Hi John,
Welcome to DFC. Many of us here have had to deal with the fear related to embarrassment. No dentist should shame you for your teeth. If that happens, its an indication to go elsewhere. Something to keep in mind is that you are in control during the appointment and have the ability to stop at any time if necessary. There is a good article here that goes into more detail if you haven't seen it yet.

You mentioned the Trendelenburg position, feet above your head. It's pretty uncommon for dentist to do that anymore so I wouldn't expect to encounter that when you go back. As far as costs goes, that will vary with what needs to be done. The most critical things should be addressed first but in most cases you can space out treatments over time when its affordable for you. There is also a forum here with recommendations for dentists that work with nervous patients. Good luck with taking the next steps in your journey.