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WAS really scared and still am!!



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Mar 3, 2014
Hi All!

I'm new here but I am so glad to have found this site. For about four or five years now I neglected my teeth because I am really scared of dentists and their equipment. I've had bad experiences with pain in my teeth during dentist appointments from the time I was young. I cannot handle even mild to moderate pain at all. My four front teeth were badly decayed and I was really embarassed to smile or talk as people would stare. For the first time someone asked me what I was going to do about my teeth and that's when it hit me that I really needed a kind of makeover. I started researching on how to restore very badly damaged teeth and I calculated costs. I made a resolution to sort out atleast half of my teeth. Last week Monday I finally showed up at a dentist. I was so scared that I actually asked him to give me three injections just to do 1 filling and 1 wisdom tooth extraction. He was very nice and even though I writhed a little bit he managed to do everything perfectly and I didn't feel any pain. There was no pain at all afterwards.:jump:Then on Friday I went again for six fillings in my top back teeth. He didn't give an injection so I felt a little bit of pain when he was drilling but afterwards I was fine. I needed a root canal in my front tooth so I had booked my appointment for Thursday. Without my consent my mum changed the booking for today because she was worried that I will back out. I checked the procedure up on the internet so I would know what he was doing. It went well.(Only 1 injection). My teeth look decent now but I still need a crown(he suggested it) for the front tooth. I'm worried for that because that might be more painful than the root canal.:giggle:

Sorry for the extra long story. Just needed to chat with people who understand dental phobias.
Dr. Daniel

Dr. Daniel

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Verified dentist
Nov 2, 2010
The Hague , Holland
Hi teethwarrior,

Well done. The story you shared with us is so positive and beautiful, I am certain it will inspire many other phobic members in this wonderful forum.
You have not only treated your teeth, you have also treated your dental fear. As you said in your title and your thread, you are still scared of the dentist, that is normal, but you have found a wonderful dentist who can continue treating you in the future (if needed). It sounds like he did a terrific job dentistry wise and fear-managing wise. I am certain that after all the treatments you had already, you will feel safe enough to return to him in the future.
Regarding the crown: I don't know what is the clinical situation, but I can tell you that I in most cases don't use anesthesia. A tooth that had a root canal treatment can not feel any pain during the treatment (the nerve is removed). The only tissue that can feel unpleasantness/pain is the gum tissue. You should ask your dentist whether anesthesia is needed.
By the way, if your dentist thinks there is no need for anesthesia but you prefer having it because you would feel more at ease (because of the fear of pain) it is a legitimate reason to anesthesia.