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Was removing my teeth the right choice?



Junior member
Aug 21, 2015
First of all, please! If you have some kind of teeth problem please go to the dentist! The longer you wait the worst its going to become and its going to be a lot harder for you to go to the dentist. Sadly i did this mistake... some years ago i started to have caries in some teeth and some of them started to hurt; it was then i probably considered going to go to the dentist, but why should i? It wasnt hurting anymore and it was just 1 teeth that hurted.... Big mistake.... Some time later (probably years) i had a lot more caries and some teeth were getting destroyed, why didnt i go to the dentist? At that time i knew i had to, but i was afraid and embarassed for letting my teeth get so bad; and once again i didnt went to the dentist.
Some years later i finally gained courage and went to the dentist, but it was way to late for them to be able to fix all of my teeth, some of them were completely destroyed.

Now after going to the dentist for about 6 months i think it was so stupid being afraid of going, i dont know if most dentist are like this one or i got lucky, but they are really nice and seem to really care that i get better (of course they are getting money from this...) So please! Dont ever make the same mistake as i did!

Now about my question, so ive been fixing my teeth and got some of them removed, but i recently heard that people that have his teeth removed and dont have teeth implants can have some problems like bone loss and facial collapse... Now the problem is; implants are really expensive so i cant have one in a near future... I trust my dentist but since i heard that i started to doubt if i made a mistake allowing them to remove the teeth...


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi :welcome: to the forum.

From the sound of it you didn't have any choice other than to have the effected teeth removed. There are options to fill the gaps left, you could have partial dentures or have a bridge put in. You need to discuss this with your dentist.

How many teeth have you had removed and from where in your mouth are they missing ?

All the best to you :butterfly: