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Was told there's a cyst around my wisdom tooth



May 19, 2019
Ever since getting two molars out last year (Jan 2019), I still have aches and pressure on that same side of my mouth. It's not super painful but very irritating.

I went back to the dentist in October and found out I have a wisdom tooth where the molars were pulled and it looks like there's a cyst around it.

Is this what is causing the pressure?

The dentist said I should probably get the wisdom tooth removed. I asked if it's impacted but they couldn't be sure. I'm super nervous to call the oral surgeon they suggested because he doesn't have that great of reviews.

I encourage you to look up for reviews of other surgeons in the area, you don't have to go to the one they recommended to if he doesn't have good reviews consistantly I'd be concerned too.

I know my dental office referred me to an endodontist that I didn't think looked that great o their reviews nothing was saying... "go to them" for me.. so I checked a bunch of reviews and found one that had a lot of good reviews how he was good with anxious patients, and painfree, caring and condidrate ,etc.. really good ones and no bad ones.. I chose him.. drove an hour away. and He will definately be the endo I choose again if I ever need his services.. He surely was just as great as his reviews said..

I hope you find a good oral surgeon you are comfortable with!