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Watched an impacted wisdom tooth removal video.. now petrified!



Jan 15, 2022
What possessed me to do that!!! Hell no!

How does anyone have that with just a local??!
Well, to offer another perspective : isn‘t that amazing how well something like „just a local“ works?

What brought you to watchning that video?
The fact I have to have that done soon. I’ve always been interested in what happens in procedures and have had 16 surgeries in the last 16 years so a fair bit of research with those.

The being awake bit with this freaks me right out!!
Never watch the videos! They are terrifying! I am the type of person who wants to know exactly what will be done, as it helps with my anxiety, but I stay away from the videos. I have had to have two apicoectomies, and the description is bad enough…if I had watched the videos I think I would have cancelled.

So just to give you perspective…when I had an apicoectomy on my front tooth, I couldn’t have nitrous due to the location. The mask would interfere with the surgery. I didn’t know that going in and ended up just having local. In an apico, they cut a hole in the bone as well, except it is on the gums side. I never felt any pain during the procedure. I didn’t feel the endodontist cutting into the bone at all. As Enerete said, it is amazing what they can do with local anesthetic.

On that note, have you asked about nitrous oxide? It does help calm you down during the procedure and helps the anesthetic work better.
That sounds like it was a big procedure to endure too!

I wish I had someone to ask about it! I’ve not seen any one to confirm if they can do it yet. My dentist today said she had never seen a tooth so what mine is and that it needs a surgeon and possibly under a GA.
I was also told my molar that had stage one rct in Dec needs desperately completing as that’s now infected too! Told her I’d love it done asap but when I booked on Dec 20th, Feb 25th was the earliest!

I can’t even tell which bit the pains coming from anymore.