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Way better than you think its going to be!



Junior member
Nov 21, 2021
United Kingdom
After 5 years of not going to the dentist and the worry that's gone with it. I finally went!! Had the most amazing happy and lovely dentist today.

For any worrying about a bit of gum recession, don't overthink it. Its not as bad you think, or as Google tells you.

I over googled symptoms and though I had peridontal disease and needed lots of fillings. When in reality my dentist said I had the mildest form of gum recession and not to worry about it at all. No mention of gum disease, fillings, gum pockets and no bone loss on the xray. Nothing a scale and polish can't help!

The only bit of treatment I need is to remove my gum flap over my partially erupted wisdom tooth.

Just wanna say thank you to this forum for putting the worry at ease. I wouldn't have had the courage to book an appointment without it!