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Weak after wisdom teeth surgery?



Junior member
Feb 26, 2018

I got my two bottom wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago under IV sedation. Ever since then, I have been very weak/lethargic, more than I think I should be. I took some pain medication for a couple days then stopped because the pain itself went away for the most part. Ive never had iv sedation or taken any drugs prior in my life - could it be that my body simply wasnt used to both the sedation and all the pain meds in such a short period? Even though, should i still be feeling like this 5 days after?

I experienced the exact same thing as you. I also got my two lower wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago with IV sedation and have been exhausted ever since. I have been off work for 4 days. I'm not sure if it's the effects of the sedation still or the pain meds, but I haven't even been able to get through a day without taking a long nap. I can barely keep my eyes open at times.

Like you, this is also the first time I have ever been on drugs, so maybe it's just the way our body reacts to something it's never experienced before. It's strange!

On the first and second day after surgery, I couldn't even stand up without feeling lightheaded and dizzy and nauseous. Thankfully, that has now passed and I feel like I am getting some of my strength back.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one going through this! Not sure if it's normal or not.
Also 5 days in and have been feeling this way, though I'm pretty sure in my case its a result of not sleeping well, anxiety/stress, and drastic change in diet since operation, might be the case with you guys as well?
I think it is a combination of all those reasons for me as well. I am still on a liquid diet, so I feel very weak and hungry constantly. My sleep has been interrupted frequently from the pain and I have been extremely anxious for weeks leading up to the surgery and still now as well. It really sucks. Hope it gets better soon.
Hope its gets better for you and all of us as well. Every day passed without any significant problem is a hurdle crossed, just gotta take it slow, one day at a time, until we can get back to normal. You never realize how comfortable normal is until you go through phases like these haha. Going to be talking with my surgeon on the 12th to see when I might be able to have my normal again

Thank you to everyone that replied. It's been a week now and I'm back to normal 100%. Seems like all the drugs in such a short amount of time just put me off. Hope you all feel well
I am so glad to hear you're feeling better! Today is exactly one week since my wisdom teeth were removed and I am feeling sooo much better today too. I finally feel like my normal self and have gained some strength back. This is also the first day I am not in pain and can actually chew normal foods again, although still a little uncomfortable as there is a flap of skin beside where my tooth was that is annoying (hope that heals itself eventually).
I too am completely exhausted and it’s been a week as of yesterday. I sleep so much. I just want to feel normal again. This really sucks.
It took about a week for me to start to feel more energized and less exhausted. I napped every day after my surgery for a week. You will start to feel better soon!
Hi, saw this thread and I'm in the same situation! Large molar removal 1 week ago and still feeling so tired. Can just about stagger out for groceries and then collapse on sofa. I know this thread is a bit old, but do any of you remember how long it took to get back to normal?
I'm over 50 (I hear age slows down recovery), and before the extraction I was on erythromycin for tooth infection, which kind of wore me out already.
Would be grateful for any advice.
HI Raku1, don't have any advice, but reading the threat it looks like needing some time for recovery is not that unusual. Do you see any, even light, changes to your energy level when you compate day two to now?
Hi Enarete. Yes, there is gradual improvement from day to day. So I guess I have to be patient and just look after myself properly! Thanks for your help.
I just wanted to say that I experienced this exhaustion and rapid fatigue you talk about after having my 4 wisdom teeth out. I attributed it to the fact that I was eating less (I lost quite a bit of weight rapidly) and my body just using all of its energy to try to heal. I felt like I had no energy and would get so wiped out from hardly doing anything. For me, this lasted about 10 days.
Thanks kitkat! In fact I've lost 7 pounds in two weeks, so it sounds like a familiar scenario. And I'm not sleeping well, so that doesn't help! Grateful for your message, it helps me to know that I'm not alone in this. :)
Hope things get better for you Raku1! and you are able to sleep more and gain some weight.. I know how frustrated it is to not eat due to dental work .. :(. you are definately not alone .. hope things get rapidly better! :grouphug: