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Weird bump on gum?



Junior member
Feb 8, 2010
About 3-4 days ago, my crown from my root canal 1 and a half years ago began to hurt. I'd wake up in the night and take Ibuprofen because the pain would awaken me. Any pressure on it hurt, and the pain would come and go. Now, my root canal only hurts a little under strong pressure, but right above it on my gum, is an eraser head-penny sized bump with some milky white stuff staining it. It's not hard, but pretty soft and gel like. Unfortunately, my car was totaled recently and I may not be able to get to the dentists for a week or 2. Is this something that can wait or should I pop into a doctor's office/hospital?
sounds like it could be an infection. i would definitly get to a dr's office...he will most likely prescribe some anti-biotics. you may be fine and pain free if you wait..for weeks even..or..it could abcess and wake you up in the middle of the night headed for the emergency room. such as me. better safe than sorry! much luck!
i am definitly not a dentist, btw.
Yep sounds like an abscess. You will probably need to have the root treatment redone. Don't worry - they can do it through a crown. The sooner you go the greater the chance of success. But two weeks is soon enough. It's not an emergency from what you say.
by the way Im surprised at the number of dentists who automatically prescribe antibiotics for dental infections. Ive had three rcts and never had antibiotics. Maybe the people who post on here are more likely to desperately need them because they wait longer to get the tooth fixed? I just thought antibiotics were a last resort rather than a prophylactic.
i agree with you..i think anti-biotics are way over prescribed. but...i think you had a point, alot of people on here tend to wait until a dental emergency to recieve treatment, by which point there is usually a mess of infection going on. twice now i have had to go thru a round of anti-biotics before a root canal, and currently i am on some after.
i think if you go to the dentist somewhat regularly they may spot trouble before it causes trouble for you.