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Weird Bump or Abcess Near Wisdom Tooth

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Jul 10, 2018
I have a dentist appointment tomorrow at two and I already mentioned over the phone that this tooth was giving me some discomfort. Within the last two days I decided not to keep looking at it in the mirror because it was making me panic. Well now I look and sure enough theres some sort of ball next to it that started bleeding when I touched it. It's like on the side of my cheek (top right), its pea sized and developed in the last few days. It doesnt hurt, but that doesnt mean anything. I'm sos scared for my appointment tomorrow because I know they'll say I have a deep abcess that I cant see and that I need the tooth taken out right now :( I made the appointment as soon as I started having problems so it's not like I put it off. Wednesday was the soonest they had available. I was told to have my wisdom teeth out years ago and now this is the punishment I get :( I hate that I did this to myself I'm so panicked.
please someone help

I'm so scared that I have a cyst and that it's going to be so bad that I'll end up in the hospital under general anesthesia :cry: if its just from irritation to the area from the new tooth then there isn't any info on the internet about it. All I can find is two pictures of people with things similar to what I have and they all had root canals and multiple teeth extracted.
Hi there,

it seems like your mind is playing a scary story right now and it gets worse and worse. First of all, please do not google. I know that you are longing for information right now trying to get a clue of what is happening in your mouth, but you will always find people with the most horrible crazy things on the internet. This is not because such things occur more frequently in dentistry, it's just because the majority of people do not enjoy writing about experiences where everything was fine.

You are not the first person in the world who postponed having wisdom teeth taken out. I actually do not know anyone who would do that right away, the most people wait with them until they do not have a choice (who goes to teeth extractions voluntarily?).

If the thing is an abscess (and I do not know if it is one and either do you - only your dentist can do a proper diagnose), than you might get antibiotics to treat it first before anything on the tooth would take place, so you will still have a bit time to prepare yourself for any procedure. By the way, no procedure is as scary as you imagine it, believe me. The fear is a liar and gives you ideas and images that will never happen. Dentistry nowadays is modern and painless and oriented to the comfort of the patient (you). Hope you have a good dentist who knows how to ease your fears.

All the best wishes, hang on there and keep us updated
I went to the dentist today, it turns out they dont really need to come out. Theres no major problems and no abcess. unless they cause a cavity or something I'm not going to worry.