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Weird extraction, pain after a week :-( help!



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Mar 11, 2013
9 days ago I went to remove a molar hmm well I am not sure what number would it be but it is on top left next to the wisdom tooth. So first thing I mentioned in the title weird extraction is that the tooth was germination or fusion not sure how to call it but when the dentist pulled the planned tooth the wisdom tooth was attached to it soooo they both got extracted together at one pull since they are attached. So that was a shocker for me not expecting to go home with two hole or whatever. For few days it was sore but it wasn't really hurting, I followed all the directions for after car etc. 4 days after the extraction went to see the dentist she said everything looks fine. Soo now is day 9 and it started hurting, a very dull pain inside the hole. It wasn't hurting at all until now :( it is hurting more and more and every time I make a smacking sound to swallow spit it hurts so much. Did I get dry socket? Is hard to see what it looks like but when I look at it in the mirror with my little angled glass tool it lookes very dark inside but you can't really see it since my gum is kind of hiding most of the hole. The first hole look fine like there's a meaty thingy growing on top but wisdom hole which is hiding behind the gum looks dark can't tell really anything kinda looks hollow but I am not sure. The discomfort and pain was fine until today. I don't know if I disturbed something and it started hurting or dry socket or infection I dont know what to do I am scared :( is starting to hurt very bad :( help pleaseeeeeeee! :confused::shame::cry:
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I don't know if you are in the UK or not, but contact your dentist as soon as they are open. You may have an infection which can be treated easily. Whatever is wrong it isn't anything that cannot be sorted out by the dentist.

Don't suffer with this, I would think it isn't dry socket as you are usually safe from that after 72 hours after extraction. Do pain killers help it, if so take some.

Please do call your dentist and let us know how you get on. If the dentist is not open until tomorrow you will be fine.

I am not a dentist this is just my opinion. :butterfly:
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Does your dentist have an emergency number they can be reached at? If so, give them a call..It could be dry socket...Did the dentist prescribe pain meds? take them asap....I'm not sure what else you can do but if it gets bad maybe go to the emergency room....I'm not much help....Hope you feel better soon..