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Weird feeling in front teeth after extraction



Jun 12, 2013
Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK
Hi Guys, Long time reader first time poster

I had my 2nd molar on the top extracted 3 weeks ago, and everything has been dandy up to a few days ago. I started getting a numb/sensitive feeling in the front left (top still) laterial incisor which lasted a day, then the following day the left incisor, now the right laterial one is doing it. Should I be concerned?
oh i should mention, it's not really a hot/cold sensitivity more a pressure based one. It tingles all the time but is felt more when sucking on a straw etc..?
**Update: Finally got up the courage to go see an emergency dentist, but he couldn't find anything wrong. So kind of at a loose end now as I'm still in pain and worrying myself stupid
Sounds like an irritated nerve to me and that will go away. Actually, my nose felt weird for a few days after a numbing shot for a filling years ago. It scared me at the time but my dentist reassured me it would pass.

Could it be that using a straw is causing some pressure on the spot where the tooth was extracted and those open nerves are being irritated? I know my dentist said no straw for a while because it can dislodge the clot but I don't know about this long out.
Thanks for posting, hopefully it is just an irritation. But it started turning in to full on pain this afternoon, especially on the front tooth. Been and seen my doc with concerns it could be sinus related as it feels very full but just got given more antibiotics and painkillers. It's pathetic but I just broke down in tears, between the 3 months of agony with the molar then to get in the clear and then get this has just emotionally broken me.
Well back from another dentist today, still can't find anything wrong, but confirmed my extraction site has healed to point that nerve irritation shouldn't be a problem. The pain in the front teeth has finally subsided and spread to the lower jaw 2nd & 3rd molars on both sides. This is the most unusual thing I have ever felt, as the pain is minimal in the morning and gets worse during the day. Back to the doc's next week to look at getting referred to an ENT and no more antibiotics, they are making me feel so ill.

Will post with developments as my googling has turned up tons of unanswered threads, so I feel this one should (hopefully) have a OP resolution.
your pain sounds just like the pain I have.My pain turned out to be atypical odontalgia..Maybe google that and read the symptoms and see if it fits your pain..Just a guess...
Thanks I will look into it, is it typical for the pain to increase throughout the day but be minimal in the mornings/late evenings?
Yes, from what I've researched most people with atypical odontalgia wake up with out pain and about an hour later the pain increases and then decreases towards evening..Before I was on medication for it It would start shortly after I woke up and would get worse around 4 pm..Then by time I'd go to bed it would be gone..I slept fine..Does ibuprofen help the pain? Does your jaw hurt? Or by or behind your ear? My pain got pretty bad during the day and It was making me pretty depressed...But Amitriptyline has worked wonders..No more jaw pain or teeth pain...
ibuprofen doesn't really do much for me, co-codamol seems to help a little. Sometimes I wake up and its fine for hours (or until I brush) then a random tooth will start hurting. I have been getting an achy pressure in the jaw and in front of the ear, but my glands are swollen from an upper respiratory infection so I put it down to that. Todays tooth of choice is front lower jaw.
I just know that if it is a neuralgia then over the counter pain meds don't help. If it is A.O like I have it helps the pain..I get jaw pain, teeth pain(in one tooth), and ear pain..I hope you figure out what the problem is..My dentist said it is/was caused by my wisdom tooth extraction and that it most likely is an overactive nerve..He said I probably wouldn't have to take the Amitriptyline forever. I have cut back on my meds and so far no pain..I'm going for NO meds but we will c if the pain comes back...
Good luck with the med's, I hope I can have this diagnosed soon. My dentist just seems to think I am wasting his time and won't consider anything neurological, hoping my gp will help next week. It's horrible when no one takes you seriously.
that is what happened to me..i saw 4 dentists and each took x rays and said there is nothing wrong..But I knew I had pain..so the last dentist said it was probably nerve related and I went to my family doctor who referred me to a neurologist...He said I didn't have trigeminal neuralgia but Atypical Odontalgia. No one believed me...It is frustrating to say the least...
Well I am definitely going to bring A.O to the table when I see my doc, it's so frustrating as I just want to be able to go back to a normal routine and work. Thanks for posting
good luck! I definitely believe that A.O is a hard diagnosis to make. I googled a page about A.O and took it to my neurologists and told him that is what I have! I'm glad I did..
Well here is an update; seeing the doctor and another dentist tomorrow. Since I last posted I've noticed my bite has shifted and my lower front tooth is now rubbing against the back of my front tooth causing the lower one to ache quite a bit and the top to feel like its 'clicking' some times.

I think this is one half of the problem as I keep getting the occasional sudden sharp pain in the molars and premolars.

anyway dentist number 5 tomorrow so will see.
Good luck with dentist number 5 tomorrow! Hope it is just your bite is off and they can fix it for you..
Well.. The dentist wants me back next week to look at getting referred for TMJ, fortunately (in some ways) during my examination I got a jolt of pain from behind my bottom wisdom tooth which shot into the lower external back of my jaw below the ear. My doctor didn't examine me and just gave me a nasal spray to try for a week. The pains havn't been as bad, still a constant discomfort on the front top and bottom teeth all the time, but the rest seem to only get 5 minute pain attacks every few hours, still random though and amongst the premolars, molars, wisdoms and the extracted tooth.
I hope the spray works for you! Good luck ...:clover:
off to see a specialist tomomorrow, but today I noticed that putting pressure on the left canine (moving it away from front teeth) causes a great relief for my front teeth for a brief second?