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Weird feeling in tooth or teeth



Jan 20, 2020
Hi everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!

I have a tooth that was root canaled in February and has since been cleaned out 2 more times and I had a course of antibiotics. I think I posted here in May because the tooth was painful again. The dentist said everything looked fine but the infection was still there but it had gotten smaller. The dentist referred me to an endo if the pain didnt subside. The pain did go away and everything was great until the other day when I started feeling weird pain.

It starts in my molar area but not a specific tooth. It then settles in my temple and lingers for a few minutes and the goes away for a while and then starts again.

Could this be from my root canaled tooth?
Would the infection still be there after antibiotics and being cleaned out 3 times?
How long does it take for infection to clear out after root canal?

Since the pain isnt constant I'm just going to make my regular check up appointment and mention it then. I honestly dont want to go to an endo and have the tooth worked on for a fourth time.

Thanks for reading!
Pain up in the temple area sounds more TMJ than tooth related.
Thanks Gordon! I think I do have TMJ as I have a lot of popping and clicking on that side but for whatever reason I've never brought it up to the dentist. Would that also be felt in the teeth? I do get a weird sensation, like a quick sharp pressure feeling, before it moves to the temple. I just cant pinpoint what tooth it is or if it's all the molars. I will talk to my dentist about TMJ at my appointment.

One more quick question. How long does it take for an infection to clear after root canal? I had a course of antibiotics before the root canal, then it was cleaned out again and then cleaned out again when she finished the root canal and the infection was still present. It started as a very large infection and it had reduced but I was nervous that it was still there after everything that had been done.

Thank you for responding!!
Honestly, it varies a great deal between patients and different situations in the same patient, it's really hard to give anything more than a wild guess, sorry.