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Weird feeling



Junior member
Apr 27, 2019
So theres a couple of things i need to mention first, my tooth broke in November and i had a filling done not long after. It has been ok up until now. About a month a go I had a cold when this all started.

When the cold had gone my top left teeth started to hurt so i did think it was my sinuses so i used a nasal spray. Kinda helped a little but the tooth that was fixed end of last year has felt really odd since. It's hard to explain but it's almost like it's big in my mouth and I cant bite down on the other side well because of it. It doesn't hurt just feels uncomfortable. Occasionally it does have like a pulsing feeling. Its not sensitive but does feel a little better after eating hot food etc. I'm waiting to register with a new dentist as only put in my registration forms but I am totally petrified in going ?

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

I'm not a dentist, just wanted to say good job on getting in your papers to register even though you are totally petrified to go! I hope someone gets you in soon with a very kind dentist to see how they can help you with this tooth!