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Weird Gum Swelling.. then went away? no pain??



Junior member
Feb 25, 2020

So 2 years ago I had my wisdom teeth on my left side removed (had to do it at the hospital as I'm terrified of dentists)
so I know the kind of pain wisdom teeth can cause..

on Friday evening I noticed that my gum on my right side where my wisdom tooth is (top) was swollen, there was no pain at all..
on Saturday again still no pain but the swelling had gotten worse.. I took some ibprofen and went about my day.. on Sunday the swelling had gone just as quickly as it had started..
was this an abscess?? I haven't found anywhere that says the swelling would go away??

This morning when I woke up this morning (Tuesday) when I spat into the sink it was all bloody.. I spat again and more blood.. so I had a look in my mouth and sure enough the blood seemed to be all around that same area (top right wisdom tooth/gum)

I also had blood in my right nostril though so not sure if it was a nose bleed that's collected in my mouth there.. or if it's the tooth.. I brushed thoroughly and still no pain and couldn't see any blood coming from it.. however I do have a slight nose bleed as well so I'm hoping it was just that..

Any ideas?
Hi there,

gums around wisdom teeth can act crazy in my experience. Swelling and bleeding of gums can come and go, simply keeping the spot clean helps. I don't think there is any chance of a blood from your gum on your wisdom tooth coming into your nose. Maybe just a coincidence?

All the best wishes
Yeah I'm hoping so!

Thanks for the reassurance!

I'm wondering if maybe I was laying on my side, and had a nose bleed in my sleep which just seeped into my mouth and because I was on my side it pooled in that area of my mouth

I've certainly got no pain and can't feel anything wrong.. bloody wisdom teeth! talk about anxiety lol