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Weird pain around bottom molar and jaw



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Mar 10, 2013
Hey everyone,

Well here I am back again, so hopefully you'll be able to help/set me silly mind at rest.

I have been experiencing some weird pain that appears to be related the second molar back on the bottom left hand side, but I'm not sure what's going on! It doesn't hurt to eat on or brush but every now and again I get a twinge of pain. It also feels like it is hurting in the soft tissue under my jaw, not the actual bone. If I press my finger on the skin between the bottom of my gum and my lip, that hurts ( not the actual gum). Am I going mad?!

Sorry to be vague, but it's so hard to describe. :(
How old are you and have you still got 3rd molars?
How old are you and have you still got 3rd molars?
Now Gordon, don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age?! LOL !:grin::giggle:

I'm 38 and I meant it's the second pre-molar. Do you mean the wisdom teeth? If so then yes I do, but the one along that side has never come through.

The pain seems to have subsided a bit this afternoon, but I have noticed that tooth is feeling a little sensitive.