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Weird pain in bottom front tooth



Junior member
Jun 27, 2008
Here's some background info:

I am 23 and have been to the dentist 3 times- ever. Didn't have insurance until I was 15 and went then. Horrible experience. The last 2 visits were about 2 years ago and again, horrible experiences with lots of pain and being degraded by the dental staff. Luckily, my teeth were in good shape at the time and only needed a good cleaning, except for one molar that they said needed a root canal and crown. My answer was a big he** no!

Fast forward to now. The last couple of days, I've had a weird sore feeling behind my front bottom left tooth. I had x-rays taken at the oral surgeons a couple of weeks ago (getting wisdom teeth out thank to cracking one of them) and he said the rest of my teeth looked fine. What could be causing the dull pain/soreness? I've always had a problem with plaque build up behind these teeth. So bad that the plaque popped off a couple of years ago and I thought I had broken my tooth.

I am terrified of the dentist. If I could be put completely under for cleaning and any dental work, I'd have no problem with going. But alas, insurance wont pay for that for some idiotic reason.
Teeth may be fine but I've learned quite recently that plaque/calculus buildup CAN make the teeth move (and feel sore and sensitive).

I've also learned that that which we mistaken as tooth pain can also be attributed to the gums.

While no resident expert in the least on this, it could be that the buildup you have is causing irritation. The best plan of approach is to get that gunk off your teeth before it does any permanent damage.

If you're terrified of the dentist you've definitely come to the right place. First off - get rid of the dentist. By the sound of it the entire office sounds like a pack of sods! You are in control and you don't need to expose yourself to that type of behavior if you're already feeling (as I think speleo put it) skeezed (sp?) about your teeth.

First step is finding an office and a dental professional that you are comfortable with. Once you get that - don't be afraid to tell them why you're terrified. Remember - you set the expectations. It's your mouth and you are in control.

If you can find someone who respects you as a patient and they can earn your respect and trust as a doctor you are well on you're to working on your fears.

Check out the Common Fears area as well. Some great advice on how to deal with your fears. The only solution I've found for a bad dentist is a good dentist who is compassionate and considerate.