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Weird pain in front lower tooth.


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Sep 24, 2009
Hi, this is Electro Flamingo, I forgot my password so I made a new account...


Things have been fine with my teeth and I went to the dentist about that pain in my tooth on the right side.. I may have already written that. Anywho, on the front row of teeth, the last one on the right before my canine tooth, is a little discoloured and it has a weird pain sometimes. I don't know if I have an exposed nerve or what. It hurts sometimes when I swallow as my tongue touches it. It's not every time though, and I also can't suck in as it hurts and feels like a sensitive tooth pain kinda. Y'know if you make a fish face and you have to suck in your mouth like that, that's when it hurts. I've looked at the back of the said tooth and it's a little discoloured like the front of it is. It's also a little transparent. What do you think it could be?

thanks for reading.

im no dentist but to me it sounds like u got some enamel erosion on that tooth. Would explane the transparency and some discoloration.

You usualy get this from drinking and eating alot of acidic foods and drinks such as lemons, oranges, tomatoes, soda...that kinda stuff and brushing right after.

My sugestion..go to your dentist, let him look at it to be sure its that or decay and they can recomend proper treatment which might stem from just using a special kind of toothpaste for sensitivity to a crown or some other work.

in the future, to avoid enamel erosion, wait about half an hour to an hour after eating anything acitic to brush.
Thank you for the advice :)

I'm still unable to really locate where the pain is coming from. Today it felt like it was coming from my canine tooth, the tooth next to that on the right has had a filling in, well, one of those cruddy temp fillings (with wool) from the emergency dentist I had back in June. I still don't have a dentist, I don't know how to get one, either. I've been to a few of them in my town and the next so i'm not sure if there's any of them left for me to go to :( and i don't want it to get worse because i've not got one.