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Weird pressure in one tooth



Junior member
Feb 7, 2018

I was blowing my nose the other day and felt a weird pressure feeling in my upper left canine. If I apply pressure on my face, just left of nose, I feel the same feeling in that one teeth. It isn't painful at all. It's just a weird feeling. The tooth itself doesn't hurt to touch, eat, bite on etc... It's just very odd and worrying me.

Could it be linked to my sinuses? I suffer with hay fever which sometimes causes my upper back teeth to hurt, but not usually the front teeth. Although a dentist has previously told me that I do have a larger than average sinus cavity.
It's possible, the nerves to the upper jaw are a bit of a jumble, there are nerve fibres going in all directions (relatively)
Thank you.

It's really weird having a pressure sensation coming from inside the tooth without any other symptoms, and only if I touch my face just next to my nose. It's the same tooth that had composite bonding done on the side a couple of years ago and developed a black line along with gum shortly after (the bonding goes down to the gum). The tooth doesn't seem to have any other issues.

Really can't afford to visit the dentist right now, so I'm praying that it is sinus related or just some weird phenomenon that'll pass.