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Weird reaction after using carbocaine.



Junior member
Dec 1, 2020
Hello hello everyone. Last year when I had to get my extractions done, they used carbocaine on me. I have been using carbocaine for many years as I cannot deal with the epinephrine in regular freezing. I always dealt with that freezing well up until last year. She was injecting me with it, suddenly both hands went extremely numb tingly and hot ( similar to when you lay on your hands for a long time) . So of course this freaked me out and she didn't seem to really know what was happening either but we chalked it up to anxiety. I do suffer from panic disorder but I can tell you and all my years of having a panic attack, this is never happened to me. Fast forward to this year . I had to have a root canal done two months ago, and the exact same thing happened again. Again nobody had an explanation. just last week I had to go to the dentist again because my other molar has become infected and again have to get another root canal. Again what's the freezing one in the same thing happened, only this time I freaked out and I couldn't get the procedure done and I left. I guess what I want to know is, has anybody ever experienced anything like this before? I'm truly terrified now to go back. I am in so much pain but I cannot deal with that reaction again especially because nobody seems to know what it is. At this point I'm thinking of calling my dentist and scheduling to just be put under for the remainder of my dental work. Thanks for taking the time to read this .