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Weird symptoms and swelling 2 months after root canal and crown.



Junior member
Dec 31, 2013
I had a root canal and permanent crown done on one of my top left molars (number 15 I think) about 3 months ago. No problems until about 10 days ago, I started feeling a strong swelling pressure coming from beneath the crown that was almost like a burning sensation. The next day the gums around the tooth were swollen, and the burning sensation has increased. It didn't feel like a normal toothache pain, just an intense pressure and burning feeling, almost like the tooth was on fire. The pain would just flair up out of nowhere, and wasn't sensitive to hot cold of chewing, just completely random. The pressure would increase to a completely unbearable pain if I lay down though. It felt like the crown was trying to explode from my mouth. Finally I went to the dentist and he took an x-ray, but said he couldn't see anything that made him think the root canal had failed. He gave me antibiotics which I took for the full ten days. By the fifth day the pressure subsided all of a sudden when the swelling in my gums went down and blood started leaking blood from behind the crown. It bled for maybe 5 minutes and then the pain was completely gone.

However, 2 days after I ran out of antibiotics the swelling and burning sensation came back with a vengeance. I went back to the dentist, but he told me I had to go see the endodontist before he could do anything further. He seemed confused by my symptoms and couldn't figure out what was causing the pain. He also said that the antibiotics must not have worked :( The pain is somewhat manageable if I'm standing or sitting up, but I still can't lay down again, which is making it impossible to sleep. I can't see the endodontist for another week and I'm getting desperate. I've tried hydrocodone and codeine, but the pressure is way too intense if I lay down even then. I just wanna be able to get some sleep. Anyone have any ideas what could possibly be wrong with the tooth? Or how to get some sleep standing up?
I suggest you go to a specialist for root canal treatments (endodontologist) for a second opinion.
I am not a dentist but it sounds like there is infection there. As Dr Daniel has said you need to see the specialist. In the meantime try an ice pack on your cheek on the side where the pain is. It won't cure you but it might help relief the pain a bit.

It might be that the root canal needs re treating. :butterfly: