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Weird taste after wisdom tooth extraction



Junior member
May 27, 2018
Tuesday morning I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed (it is now Sunday morning). For the last couple of days I have had a odd taste coming from that side. When I take a look at it, there doesnt appear to be any blood or pus present. I dont have any pain, and the swelling in my cheek has actually reduced. I only have a pins and needles feeling in my cheek, the extraction site, and part of my tongue.

She used dissolvable stitches to close the wound after extraction, and she told me that if they come loose, or one comes out within 2 days after the surgery that I am to go back, but if they come loose or start to fall out 3+ days after, then it is fine and to leave them. I had one stitch come out yesterday (Day 4 post OP), and there was a little bit of blood which stopped within seconds.

With the foul taste, could I have a infection, or dry socket? I'm confused because all sources say that if I have either of those, then there would be pain involved and I am not in any pain at all, its been almost 24hrs since I've taken any kind of pain relief.

Am I just being paranoid? Or should I ring my dentist? I've added pictures of the site which I took this morning and yesterday. Your opinions, suggestions and advice would be much appreciated. I dont wish to bug my dentist for no reason.

Yes! Very normal.

Gross, and normal.

This would be be right around the time to have that.

I believe I figured out the cause of the foul taste.
Because I was unable to open my mouth wide enough to fit my tongue scraper in when I brushed my teeth (avoiding the extraction site of course), I had old blood right on the back of my tongue, so that could possibly have been the cause, it did look pretty nasty when I got it all out.
But pain is 100% gone now, and I can eat solids again (still chewing carefully, and on the opposite side).

Now I wait for the Oral Surgeon to remove my remaining 3 wisdom teeth. Not looking forward to that one.