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Well I finally made it to the dentist!



Jan 25, 2013
I FINALLY got a call back from a dental office who got me in right away. :) They were very kind, even when I was a blubbering mess. We did some Xrays and for right now, I just want healthy teeth. I need 6 teeth out total, 3 are my wisdom teeth. He referred me to an oral surgeon for IV sedation and I'm actually scared but also excited to finally get rid of the decay. I also can't wait to go back for a cleaning. Although the office and the visit scared me, they made me feel like there is hope for me.

I'm going to try to schedule my surgery when my husband is on vacation from work in 2 weeks. I hope that others who are scared can take this as a confidence booster. If I can do it, so can you. You just need to find someone who will let you go at your pace. We started with a consult, and then if I wanted to, we could do x-rays which we did, and then he asked if he could just take a look in my mouth with the mirror. That was it. He was very patient, straightforward, and kind. My eyes are still swollen from all of the crying that I did today but right now, they're tears of pure joy. :jump: I feel confident that after my extractions, I can go back and schedule a cleaning, take care of the few cavities I have, and keep on top of the healthy teeth I have left.

I know you may feel like you can't do it, but you can. You HAVE to. I felt like I couldn't. I wanted to turn my car around and go back home so bad because I knew once I stepped into that office, I would break down. Sure enough, I did. The receptionist escorted me back to the Dr's office right away so I could fill out the paperwork in private. They also gave me a welcome bag with all sorts of goodies!:giggle: I really hope I can stick with this. I know I will end up with dentures/brides eventually but I want to avoid it for as long as possible. I'm too young for this sh**! Thank you DFC for your stories, and wisdom. This is definitely not goodbye as I will need continuous support.
Awesome post, Jamie.

I had my front top 4 taken out last week...honestly I wish I'd had it done years ago!

Even my temporary bridge is approximately 10 billion times better looking than the previous 'disaster zone'.

Well done you!!!!!

Thank you Steve :- D Good for you for being brave as well!
I didn't know they made temporary bridges...:thumbsup: about how long do they last?
Hi Jamie,

I hope it lasts until the permanent one gets made..lol.

5-7 weeks in my case, and there's really no bravery going on here, just a determination to fix 25+ year's worth of damage.

Best wishes,
I think you're brave :- ) Trying to overcome any fear is quite the challenge.

I'd say definitely stick to somewhat soft foods to try to make it last.
:welldone: to both of you, sounds like you're doing great!

I'll second jhart's sentiment-- there's a lot of bravery and courage here. It's what author Brene Brown calls "ordinary courage", which is just the courage to face your fears, make yourself vulnerable, and take care of your needs. It may not involve running into a burning building, but it takes a huge amount of courage for a dental phobic to step into that chair and open their mouth. Don't sell yourself short.

jhart I'm so proud of you for getting through the first visit. Lots of people here will attest to the fact that the first visit is the hardest. The actual dental work is easy compared to the anxiety of that first step. It sounds like your dental office is wonderful and compassionate, and now you hopefully know that their main goal is to help you and keep you calm and out of pain. You'll soon be on your way to a happier, healthier smile.

Thanks for sharing your success story!!
Thank you Steve :-D It feels really good to have gotten that over with. Now the hard part, waiting to get my appointment! I know I'm probably going to be in quite a bit of pain afterwards (maybe?) , but I know soon after, I'll feel so much better mentally and physically.:grin:
Congrats you did it :jump::jump::jump::jump::cheer::cheer::cheer::dance2::dance2::dance2::cheer2::cheer2::cheer2::yayy:

You may not be in pain after, I always take pain killers before I thaw out just in case. :respect::respect::respect:

Good luck :clover::clover::clover: You just have to get yourself there and let them do the rest, you will be fine :thumbsup:
Thanks Carole :- ) Just nervous about removing 6 teeth, EEEEEEK! Seems like a lot but 3 are wisdom teeth, so maybe not that bad....I suppose it definitely could be worse.
I would be nervous too, and 6 does sound like a lot. You have a lovely dentist that will make sure you are alright and it will be as comfortable as they can make it for you. At least this way it all gets done and out of the way in one go, so only one healing period.

Good luck :clover::clover::clover: :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::hug5:
Well done with getting to where you are now:jump: :yayy: I too have just taken the same journey and I am in the waiting stage( which is really really hard mentally!) I have a pre procedure assessment next Thursday with the O/S I have been referred to for IV sedation for 17 extractions with immediate dentures full upper partial lower, I just wanted to wish you well for your journey and hope you continue to post so we can follow your journey. Good Luck :clover::clover::clover::clover: x x
Thank you so much Deejay. The waiting really sucks. I'm afraid I may wait and wait and never do it. I'm afraid I will become a coward again. But I CANNOT let myself do that. I have no other reasons to not do it and if you can get 17 extractions, I can surely do my measly 6. I wish you luck and a fast recovery!:)
Thanks for your reply:) even 1 extraction is a big deal when you are phobic so yeah 6 extractions is a big step to take, but the waiting surely does have you going loopy:frantic: and you can talk yourself in and out off it a million times in that period I am trying not to think about the actual procedure as really that's for the oral surgeon, anaesthetist and the dental nurse to do I am concentrating on making sure I have nice soft foods in special coffees/teas goodies I perhaps would not normally buy or not buy too often I have borrowed some DVD's and have some books saved all ready for afterwards and I will concentrate on the getting over it , I am not working at the moment so the days are rather slow but they are moving forward I so must I
I have given myself the opportunity to get enough courage to get my teeth done and I am currently chatting to 3 others on here 2 have now got their dates for this month and one like me is still waiting we are all having multiple extractions some IV some with a general so we keep each other company and drop each other a pm every now and again to help pass the days, keep looking forward and drop me a line at anytime, We Can do this!!! X x x x:jump:
Thanks so much for your support :- D
It may help you to know that according to the National Institute of Health, nearly 1/3 of all American's avoid the dentist due to fear. I can't imagine its any different in any other part of the world!

Congratulations on taking those steps and inspiring others to do the same. It can be a little bit of a challenge finding someone who can provide comfortable care but its well worth the search.
For me, the challenge was picking up the phone, then trying to schedule an appt without completely breaking down in tears. I feel so embarrassed, especially when I'm walking into the office and immediately start crying.

I hope I can turn it around and make it a positive experience!;D
I like to think that soon this teeth agony will be over soon and we will be painfree and happy in time for summer! It keeps me going!!! Hope you are well!