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Welwyn Garden City - Lincoln Hirst



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Mar 23, 2006
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Lincoln Hirst who kindly answers questions at DFC can be found here.

[URL updated - the practice used to be called Beehive Dental, NOT because of @drhirst 's crappy injection technique, but rather because of it's location - 27 Beehive Lane, Welwyn Garden City. It's now been renamed to Garden City Dental]
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I would like to add that Lincoln successfully treated me (after 16 years of phobia), my partner who needed extensive work (and hiccupped all through it lol) and my son.

Absolutely fantastic person - so patient and understanding. Cant recommend him highly enough.
Could anyone recommend a good, kind, understanding dentist in Cornwall. We have been treated by Lincoln Hirst but have now relocated to Cornwall from Welwyn Garden City.

We have toyed with the idea of driving back (400 miles) as he is that good - but has anyone any recommendations.

Thank you
Allye x
Garden City Dental Welwyn garden city

Garden City Dental
27 Beehive lane
Welwyn Garden city

I could not put into words how patient, caring and understanding Dr Lincoln Hirst and his nurse Jean were at the Beehive.
I had tried several dentists and had lost hope as to how I was going to have my tooth extracted.
I suffer from panic disorder, anxiety and health anxiety. In the first instance I emailed Lincoln and he called me at 6.30pm on a friday night to talk to me ! He asked me about all my fears and I went through them in detail with him. At my first appointment he came out of his appointment he was in to greet me and to tell me it was fine to wait in the car and Jean would come and get me. Once I was in there he went through every fear again in detail with me and he suggested options that would help me each fear. Lincoln and Jean were amazingggggg went I went in for my extraction and put me at ease and allowed me to take the time I needed at every step of the procedure.
I live an hour and a half away from this practice but I would never go anywhere else and I firmly believe I wouldnt of have this done without them. You can tell they both genuinely care and they even said it gave THEM as much pleasure for me to have my tooth out as me.
Couldnt recommend them enough !
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I'd just like to thank all of the above posters for recommending Dr Lincoln Hirst. If it hadn't been for this forum and this thread I wonder whether I would have sought the help I needed. I am immensely grateful for your recommendations and would like to add my own.

I am 41 years old, and following a couple of months of visiting Lincoln and his wonderful nurse Jean, can finally say for the first time ever that I am no longer terrified of the dentist. And I'm guessing that anyone who uses this forum can appreciate what an enormous deal that is. I have been utterly terrified of dental procedures for as long as I can remember, despite having encountered a couple of very kindly dentists along the way. But I had also always opted for I.V. sedation, and I only went if I had an abscess or a great deal of pain. I.V. sedation is great (and a totally valid option) but I felt that although it helped me get the treatment I needed, I hadn't really got to grips with my fear which was paralysing and stopping me from getting help in a timely fashion.

So, a couple of months ago when a tooth that had been broken and just awful for a long time started to hurt I knew I had to go and see someone. I came on here and found this page and after crying all over my keyboard for about half an hour sent off an email asking for an appointment with Lincoln. Within a matter of minutes I got a lovely reply from their receptionist Kelly-Anne with an offer of an appointment in a couple of days time. The night before I went I got another email from Lincoln explaining what would (and would not) happen during my first appointment which was wonderfully reassuring, and really helped my nerves.

My first appointment with Lincoln and Jean was pretty amazing actually. I've had a fair bit to do with doctors and nurses over the years but I've never had such brilliant care as I got in that first appointment (honestly they're not paying me to say this!). They have a really lovely way about them, and took a lot of time to just let me talk and relax a bit. I didn't feel in the least bit rushed or that I was being silly by being so frightened, I felt that both Jean and Lincoln were just really keen to help me. Before I left I felt quite at ease and even ended up in the dreaded chair letting them have a good look in my shameful mouth!

Fast forward to today and my treatment for the moment is done (a few fillings and one extraction all done with oral sedation). I actually mostly enjoyed going to see Lincoln and Jean. Really. They always made me laugh and they helped me more than I can ever really express. First class health care, I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend :)
I am glad to read that you have completed your treatment and are now a happy dental patient. Well done you :jump::jump::jump::jump::jump::yayy::perfect:

I also hear that Lincoln whistles a mean tune too :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
After taking years to buck up the courage to get help I read about Mr Lincoln and emaild him, he replied straight away. I told him my history and my problem but bever ever got any reply, now wandering What should I do next!
After taking years to buck up the courage to get help I read about Mr Lincoln and emaild him, he replied straight away. I told him my history and my problem but bever ever got any reply, now wandering What should I do next!


Really sorry about that! Did I get back to you? Not sure as you would have emailed me under your real name!
Just an update: obviously, TAT and Lincoln managed to link up again, and you can read TAT's review here:

Beehive Dental has now been renamed "Garden City Dental" (as you can see in Lincoln's signature above - unless you're on the app version in which case you won't be able to see it), and they have a brand new website: https://www.gardencitydental.co.uk

Here is a video testimonial from a nervous patient:

We've now got an interview with Lincoln published on our website. It's a great read (even if I say so myself)! Get all the gossip here:

I had no idea Lincoln that you practice in what is nearly my neck of the woods. I wish I'd known as reading your interview makes me feel I'd feel so comfortable seeing you. Alas I have agoraphobia as well as a fear of going to the dentist!

Reading the article about latrosedation was very interesting as I saw a hypnotist many years ago and he used that technique on me, although he didn't explain that it was ME levitating my arm, I actually believed that my mind had been taken over by him and it scared the crap out of me for a long time afterwards. Now years later I actually understand what was happening :)