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Went to dentist today!


Aaron Hough

Nov 26, 2021
Basically I had a check up and it's not good news need a couple extractions, I've had 2 teeth extracted recently and most my teeth need a filling or a mod. I'm worrying so much about my oral health and if I'd ever be able to stop worrying about it. I have some teeth chipped badly that they are below the gum line so I dont know how they are going to be able to take them out. I'm scared to be put to sleep. Just can't believe I've let my teeth get into this state and now I'm regretting not looking after my teeth. I literally had a little cry to myself when I left the dentist I feel ashamed. Sorry about my paragraph not the best at typing out never been my strong point.

They've given me some duraphat toothpaste in the meantime while my next appointment.
Hi, I had an extraction, root canal and three fillings under sedation the other day. Honestly I couldn't recommend it more! I can remember barely anything and no pain whatsoever. I mainly remember talking rubbish about my dog to the dentist!

take care - it will get better!
Not sure how old you are, but I’ve felt similar shame over not taking care of my teeth enough (although I thought I was! I just didn’t go for check ups and had too much sugar)

Anyway, the good news is there are fixes. You might be able to get implants or at least partial dentures. For the fillings, if you work really hard at taking care of your teeth from here on out, they will last for years. Then may need to be replaced or crowns. Crowns can last for many years too.

I personally hope they will develop better, longer lasting fillings like I’ve read they are working on…but I think we are many years off from that. Just do your best to watch your diet and have great hygiene. At least if you try your hardest now, you can hold onto your teeth as long as possible.

Good luck to you. I’ve cried a lot too.
I'm not sure why Google searches bring up so many pages about fillings not lasting very long. As long as they're placed well and depending on your habits, this doesn't really tally with reality :confused: